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full mission details, including mission and departmental objectives can be found on the simulation's database file on this mission

Sim Year: 2391

Having just finished the last six months on patrol assignments, the USS Excalibur is finally assigned a mission, something that may seem to be of importance to the Federation. The ship is docked at Xavier Fleet Yards for a routine inspection and given their orders. It seems that a personal matter has developed back in a place where the Excalibur was last there some four years ago. The Raeyan Transit Corridor…

For the last twelve months, a high ranking official has been evading capture, evading all aspects to reason and has been bent on stopping the movement all on his own, for his own sanity and for the rescue of his family. That official is Commodore Nathaniel Jackson, the twist is that he is the brother-in-law of Captain Richardson. Intelligence reports have suggested that they know where he is, but now it is a point where simply put it, he needs to be stopped. They know that with the ongoing attacks in the corridor, that they are retaliation for his incursion into Romulan space and with those reports also suggesting the recent destruction of a depot that the movement used in the Gasko system, the time has come to send out the Excalibur.

The orders are very simple, get to the location, find Commodore Jackson's family and return them safely, and with minor Starfleet casualties, but also to then try and bring down the Free Romulan Movement once and for all. Starfleet are concerned that they have now too much region around the corridor, and the Romulans are now even more concerned, following the loss of the Gasko system, the scene of the recent destruction and now that the movement seem to be building up to something big, they now want the assistance of the Federation. They want it to end.

What will they discover when they get to the neutral zone, will it be the same or has everything changed in the last several years?

Status: Current
Main Location: Beta Quadrant, Romulan Neutral Zone
Secondary Location(s): USS Excalibur, & Desica Prime

Primary Objective: to safely find, rescue and return Commodore Jackson's family to the USS Excalibur following their kidnapping two and a half years earlier
Secondary Objective: to place homing explosions for the Romulan Empire on Descia Prime, and the location of the Free Romulan Movement headquarters, to alter the Romulan Tal Shiar to allow them for ease of defeating the Free Romulan Movement
Tertiary Objective: to bring Commodore Jackson back to Starfleet to face disciplinary action for his desertion from his post two years earlier and other minor charges.

Threat Level: High
Intelligence Threats: Several Free Romulan Movement (FRM) ships and personnel including Lhaerrh tr’Volskiarr, known as the leader of the FRM

Analytical reports supplied by Starfleet Intelligence, Romulan Section, following the Treaty of Nelvana in 2387, indicated the possibility of insurrectionist movements, similar to that of the Maquis in the Cardassian/Federation Demilitarized Zone, occurring within the newly formed Raeyan Transit Corridor (RTC). They were called the Free Romulan Movement. To that effect, assets were placed in the RTC to monitor the situation and report back. The possibility became reality on July 3rd, 2388 when the USS Venture - NCC 71845, Galaxy Class, was attacked by the Free Romulan Warbird (FRW) V’ashan, Mogai-Norexan (Valdore class).

In 2389, the Excalibur was tasked with patrolling the region and determining what assets were in the possession of the FRM. During this, an attack on a cargo ship was made. The cargo ship was the first step in a ramped-up attack pattern by the FRM after it was determined that the cargo ship was actually carrying a device that, when added into the sensors, could pinpoint a cloaked FRM ship and allow any ship to attack the FRM.

These attacks were ramped up, to the point that Deep Space 14 was almost brought into the firing line, that was when the Federation pulled out the Excalibur and kept a number of smaller ships in the area on a patrol only assignment. No further attacks occurred. At the same time, Commodore Jackson was approached by Lhaerrh tr’Volskiarr, the leader of the Free Romulan Movement to sabotage the USS Excalibur, in exchange, his family would not be harmed. This sabotage was undertaken, but his family was kidnapped by FRM members on Deep Space 14 during a visit.

Starfleet Intelligence has also declassified the following information, directly from Rear Admiral Harrison P. Schultz:-

Commodore Jackson is not using Romulan ships, he is very cunning. He was former Intelligence, so he can easily know what we are going to plan when he finds out that we are tracking him and with the movement also looking for him, he will be doing whatever he can to hide, and he has evaded everyone for the last seven months, he can do it very many more years if needed. We are going to need some different tricks, but your idea is going to help us to stay one step ahead of the movement. The fact of the matter is that Commodore Jackson and Captain Richardson are related, they are brothers-in-law. Commodore Jackson was the officer in charge on Providence to rid the Free Romulan Movement years ago, but he was compromised from the start.

He was contacted some years ago by the leader of the Free Romulan Movement and he was told that they had kidnapped his wife and daughter. They were being held by the movement to get a foothold into the corridor and cause chaos from within. It was Nathaniel who sabotaged the former USS Excalibur and forced us into this ship. He sent the virus through that ship, it was discovered some weeks ago that it was his signature on the virus control system when it was finally isolated. Starfleet Intelligence received the report two days ago from the date of this intelligence report.

He had been forced to take on what the movement wanted, or his family were killed. We know in retrospect that this would never happen but we couldn't take the risk. When Nathaniel finally had had enough, he resigned from his admiralty position and retired, however, he never submitted retirement papers and as such, went on a vendetta, a personal one, to find his family and to find the leader of the movement, presumably to kill her. We need to find him before he makes another move

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All In A Day's Work

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full mission details, including mission and departmental objectives can be found on the simulation's database file on this mission

Sim Year: 2389

After almost destroying the Free Romulan Movement warbird, the USS Excalibur heads back to Providence Fleet Yards for a major overhaul of its crew, nobody is safe. Nobody is assured of their position onboard the ship, all bare Captain Richardson. Unsure what is going on, the order came through from Commodore Jackson, seemingly very quick. He wanted a full new compliment of crew on the USS Excalibur. The orders seemed legitimate, the crew heads back, knowing nothing beyond their arrival.

The new crew compliment, including new senior staff, begins to arrive at Providence Fleet Yards, unaware of what is going on. Unaware of a dark secret lurking right behind their shoulder. Nobody knows this dark secret, something that eats away at the most important person throughout the whole of Providence.

All that is known is that once the USS Excalibur arrives back at Providence Fleet Yards, it will be going through a four-day computer overhaul and upgrade. Again, signed off by Commodore Jackson very quickly, the entire computer terminal, isolinear chips and every single terminal will be receiving an upgraded system, allowing the ship to easily link in with the operational centre and allow for much simpler access to intelligence and communications with Providence Fleet Yards, even during times of radio silence.

Could this be the start of something new? Refreshing everything, or is this dark secret about to appear and make life on the USS Excalibur easy or harder than it has been before?

Status: Completed
Main Location: Beta Quadrant, Southern Region, Tania Borealis
Secondary Location(s): USS Excalibur & Starbase 11

Primary Objective: Assist with disaster recovery on Tania Borealis Colony following major earthquake and until the Corps of Engineers and the USS Portland arrive
Secondary Objective: Ensure any colonists and personnel assigned to command centre are looked after and transported to Starbase 11 for return to Earth and/or reassignment.
Secondary Objective: maintain vigilance around area for a possible Klingon incursion into the system.

Threat Level: Medium
Intelligence Threats: Possible Klingon Empire ships in the region

Following a major set of earthquakes on the planet, the Tania Borealis planet requests Federation assistance. The planet was used as a colony but also as a Starfleet command center base for the southern region, to monitor Klingon activity along the border, the planet being only around 20 light years from the border. The Corps of Engineers was due to be dispatched in the coming days, but Starfleet requested the USS Excalibur to begin the operation and maintain law and order until security forces could arrive and begin more detailed security protocols.

The USS Excalibur is thereby removed from its current assignment on the Romulan border to assist with any humanitarian and disaster relief/recovery operations.

Intelligence reports suggest that due to the strategic place of the command center that the Klingons may use the natural disaster as a forward movement to plan and undertake an incursion into Federation space and destroy the outpost, which is no secret. They may plan to destroy an outpost that was monitoring their borders, however, reports have not indicated any incursions beyond their borders and this report may just be a “red herring” but the Excalibur is to maintain an active view that an incursion may take place and be ready for any possible attacks on itself and its personnel whilst undertaking this mission.