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full mission details, including mission and departmental objectives can be found on the simulation's database file on this mission

Sim Year: 2389

After almost destroying the Free Romulan Movement warbird, the USS Excalibur heads back to Providence Fleet Yards for a major overhaul of its crew, nobody is safe. Nobody is assured of their position onboard the ship, all bare Captain Richardson. Unsure what is going on, the order came through from Commodore Jackson, seemingly very quick. He wanted a full new compliment of crew on the USS Excalibur. The orders seemed legitimate, the crew heads back, knowing nothing beyond their arrival.

The new crew compliment, including new senior staff, begins to arrive at Providence Fleet Yards, unaware of what is going on. Unaware of a dark secret lurking right behind their shoulder. Nobody knows this dark secret, something that eats away at the most important person throughout the whole of Providence.

All that is known is that once the USS Excalibur arrives back at Providence Fleet Yards, it will be going through a four-day computer overhaul and upgrade. Again, signed off by Commodore Jackson very quickly, the entire computer terminal, isolinear chips and every single terminal will be receiving an upgraded system, allowing the ship to easily link in with the operational centre and allow for much simpler access to intelligence and communications with Providence Fleet Yards, even during times of radio silence.

Could this be the start of something new? Refreshing everything, or is this dark secret about to appear and make life on the USS Excalibur easy or harder than it has been before?

Status: Current
Main Location: Beta Quadrant, Southern Region, Tania Borealis
Secondary Location(s): USS Excalibur & Starbase 11

Primary Objective: Assist with disaster recovery on Tania Borealis Colony following major earthquake and until the Corps of Engineers and the USS Portland arrive
Secondary Objective: Ensure any colonists and personnel assigned to command centre are looked after and transported to Starbase 11 for return to Earth and/or reassignment.
Secondary Objective: maintain vigilance around area for a possible Klingon incursion into the system.

Threat Level: Medium
Intelligence Threats: Possible Klingon Empire ships in the region

Following a major set of earthquakes on the planet, the Tania Borealis planet requests Federation assistance. The planet was used as a colony but also as a Starfleet command center base for the southern region, to monitor Klingon activity along the border, the planet being only around 20 light years from the border. The Corps of Engineers was due to be dispatched in the coming days, but Starfleet requested the USS Excalibur to begin the operation and maintain law and order until security forces could arrive and begin more detailed security protocols.

The USS Excalibur is thereby removed from its current assignment on the Romulan border to assist with any humanitarian and disaster relief/recovery operations.

Intelligence reports suggest that due to the strategic place of the command center that the Klingons may use the natural disaster as a forward movement to plan and undertake an incursion into Federation space and destroy the outpost, which is no secret. They may plan to destroy an outpost that was monitoring their borders, however, reports have not indicated any incursions beyond their borders and this report may just be a “red herring” but the Excalibur is to maintain an active view that an incursion may take place and be ready for any possible attacks on itself and its personnel whilst undertaking this mission.

Do You Remember?

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full mission details, including mission and departmental objectives can be found on the simulation's database file on this mission

Sim Year: 2391

Having just finished the last six months on patrol assignments, the USS Excalibur is finally assigned a mission, something that may seem to be of importance to the Federation. The ship is docked at Xavier Fleet Yards for a routine inspection and given their orders. It seems that the Ventax II government is ready for talks with the Federation about being admitted to the Federation.

The investigations into their society recently were wrapped up and now it was up to the Excalibur crew to head to Ventax II and finalize the last little pieces of their admission and submit a final evaluation. The last step for the Ventaxians.

From the last encounter with the Ventaxians, the 1000 year contract is due to expire sometime in the current decade, so the Federation considers the Ventaxians application of the utmost importance, more so that the Federation outpost on the planet is still in operation and in the hope that maybe if Ventax II was at least a protectorate of the Federation, something could be done to help.

A peaceful mission, but the Excalibur crew know that anything could change in a heartbeat?

Status: Upcoming
Main Location: Alpha Quadrant, Ventax System
Secondary Location(s): USS Excalibur & Xavier Fleet Yards

Primary Objective: to finalize the recommendation to admittance to the Federation for the Ventaxians
Secondary Objective: to rewrite and ratify a new constitution to omit the so-called “contract of Ardra”

Threat Level: Medium
Intelligence Threats: So-called “Ardra” and other governments looking to take advantage of the situation

Before the 14th century, the Ventaxians were highly industrialized and caused destruction in the planet's ecology through various conflicts. In the year 1367, the Ventaxian leaders began pacifying the planet and cleaning the environment, using the story of Ardra to bring their people together in a common contract. After that, they were a peaceful agrarian society and effectively isolated itself from the rest of the galaxy.

In 2367, the planet fell into chaos again when, according to the Ardra story, a fabulous thousand-year period of peace and wealth would come to an end and the planet would be turned over to Ardra. A con artist took advantage of this myth and modern technology to present herself as Ardra and to bring the planet under control. She used technology to cause earthquakes, for example. Her true identity was successfully revealed by the crew of the USS Enterprise-D.

The Federation is serious about admitting the Ventaxians into the Federation, but the initial reports suggest that the constitution is a major hurdle and the contract, if indeed correct, needs to be rectified to ensure stability and to ensure that sometime this decade, there is not a peacekeeping force required to help protect the Ventax system, or even Ventax II itself.

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