Lieutenant JG John Stevens

Name John Stevens
Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 0in.
Weight 191 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown/Green
Physical Description John has messy but presentable short brown hair. A well maintained beard, now permeated with strands of gray. Of average height and build John's friends have often joked that he blends right in with the bulkheads.John suffered a severe laceration to his left leg when the shuttle he was aboard performed an emergency landing. Without access to a dermal re-generator and several days before rescue, this has left a 6cm scar on the face of his shin.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Gerald Stevens
Mother Kath Stevens
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Anna Stevens
Other Family None

Assignment Information

Security Clearance Level 7
Data Access Level Level 3
Authorisation Code Stevens-375-Red
Quarters Assignment Stevens' Quarters, Deck 3
Duty Station Main Bridge, Alpha Shift

Medical Clearance Cleared for active duty pending psychological examination.

Counselling Evaluation Patient exhibits signs of survivors guilt following a shuttlecraft accident at the Academy, however, it does not appear to affect his ability to carry out his duties. Cleared for Active Duty, however, regular counselling sessions are advised.

Personality & Traits

Strengths John is an excellent teacher and mentor. He is a firm believer in learning by doing and will often encourage those under him to get their hands dirty, only stepping in to offer his guidance when required.
Weaknesses Sometimes impulsive, John has found himself in hot water on more than one occasion. John is not afraid to voice his own opinions, sometimes to the detriment of his relations with senior staff. Though John has yet to receive a formal reprimand it is not unlikely to see one on his record in the future.
Ambitions John is career driven officer, who like many officers strives for a command of his own one day.
Hobbies & Interests He has played guitar for the better part of his life and as such can often be found playing in his quarters or in isolated parts of the ship. While technically proficient, John does not believe in his own ability and will refuse to play for an audience.
Languages Federation Standard

Personnel Information

Personal History Born and raised in the south of England John deferred entering Starfleet academy until he was already in his early twenties. While studying at the academy he was assigned to a routine training mission on a type II shuttlecraft. Several days into the mission an EPS manifold in the impulse control system overloaded, causing the cadets on board to attempt an emergency landing on a nearby class M moon. The shuttle came down in a thick forest canopy, causing severe structural damage and severely John and killing another two cadets. The rescue would take several days, during which John would remain pinned by the leg under a collapsed structural pylon on board the shuttle. When the cadets were finally rescued Stevens was transferred to sickbay where he underwent extensive reconstructive surgery on his left leg. John opted not to have the scar tissue repaired in order to pay tribute, in his own way, to his two friends who didn't survive. After recovering John continued his training at Starfleet Academy, eventually graduating and excepting his first posting on board the USS Alaska as a tactical officer.

Having struggled with the events of the accident for several years John finally started to come to terms with the loss of his colleagues. After serving on Alaska for 3 years, John transferred to the Arcadia as assistant Chief Tactical officer where he served for a further 4 years. The defining point of his time on the Arcadia came when Stevens was chosen to lead an away team to assist in repairs of a damaged freighter in the Galen system. While on board the away team came under fire and was forced to retreat to the predetermined transport coordinates. One of the members of the away team suffered a phaser blast to the abdomen and was incapacitated. Knowing the Arcadia would not be able to transport the injured crewmen due to high levels of radiation being emitted from the damaged warp plasma manifold on board the freighter, Stevens ordered the remaining members of the away team back to their ingress point and went back for his injured colleague. Stevens was able to reach the downed crewmen and fight his way to the freighters transporter room.

John now serves on board the USS Excalibur as Chief Tactical officer.
Service Record 2378 - Starfleet Academy
2381 - 2384 USS Alaska - Tactical Officer
2384 - 2388 USS Arcadia - Assistant Chief Tactical Officer
2389 USS Excalibur - Chief Security/Tactical Officer