Lieutenant Amelia Wilson

Name Amelia Wilson
Position Wing Commander
Second Position Second Officer
Rank Lieutenant
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 0”
Weight 117
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Small in stature at an even five foot tall, Amelia’s small frame is toned with muscle; a result of working out for countless hours in the gym. Her blonde hair is usually kept at a reasonable length; not too long, but not short either, kept tied up in a bun during her on-duty hours and left to either hang down loosely over her shoulders or kept in a low ponytail when off-duty. Her stance is best characterised as ‘playful confidence’, able to display an authoritive confidence whilst keeping a relaxed tone to it.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Ian Wilson - Head of Repairs, Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards
Mother Julie Wilson
Brother(s) David Wilson (34)
Bryce Wilson (31)
Sister(s) Simone Wilson (31)
Olivia Wilson (26)
Other Family Various aunts and uncles on both sides of the family

Medical Clearance

Assignment Information

Security Clearance
Data Access Level Level 1
Authorisation Code
Quarters Assignment
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Personality & Traits

Strengths Taken directly from her Academy records - "Miss Wilson displays a natural-born ability for flying, and piloting in general. Her abilities far surpass that of any other cadet that I have seen yet, and I have been teaching at the Academy for that last thirty years." Commander Derek Shepparton, Head Flight Instructor, Starfleet Academy.

Amelia's strengths are primarily her piloting abilities and physical strength. For someone of such short stature, she is quite fit and able to take on most hand-to-hand combatants without feeling outmatched. Also notable here is her relatable command presence and overall attitude when she converses with other crew members. To her, the pilots that serve under her are not subordinates, they are family, thus they are treated as such.
Weaknesses A previously mentioned strength, specifically the relatable command presence and attitude, can also be considered one of Amelia's biggest weaknesses. It has led to tension between herself and both junior and senior staff on previous assignments. It is a case-by-case issue; not every assignment had the same issues, sometimes it was the junior staff that had a problem with her, sometimes it was the senior. Amelia will tend to brush off the issues when raised, which can lead to detrimental consequences down the track.

She can also be highly competitive, fighting to be the very best she can no matter what the circumstances. Could it mean losing a friend? A colleague? An innocent life?
Ambitions Amelia's ambitions are rather simple, and somewhat obvious. She wants to be the best pilot in Starfleet. Not one of the best, THE best. In her own mind, she would love nothing more than to have stories told of her heroics in battle, to be known as a household name all over the Alpha Quadrant.
Hobbies & Interests Whilst she has no real hobbies to speak of, Amelia is quite fond of flying old Earth fighters from the late 20th to early 21st centuries. She is of the opinion that flying old atmospheric aircraft gives her an edge in battles.
Languages Federation Standard

Personnel Information

Personal History The year is 2361. Notable events that occurred in Starfleet history include the posting of Doctor Lewis Zimmerman to Jupiter Station where he began work on what would later become the Emergency Medical Holographic Program, and a duplicate of then-Lieutenant William T. Riker would be created during a transport from the surface of Nervala IV. No where near as notable (but no less significant in her own mind) was the birth of Amelia Wilson to parents Ian and Julie Wilson at Starfleet's Bob Wilson Hospital in San Diego, California on August 21st, 2361.

Raised at the family residence in the neighborhood of Miramar, it was clear from a very early age that the young girl would end up more of a 'tomboy' than a 'girly girl'. She would often be seen playing games with her older brothers David and Bryce during the day, and helping her father tinker with technical projects when he was off duty of a nighttime. In elementary school, she began to show a keen interest in mathematics which further developed into interests in science and health studies during her time in junior high. It was also during this time that Amelia's 'command presence' began to assert itself, and not for the better. When it came time for teams or group activities to be assigned a leader, she was always the first with her hand up with a chorus of moans and groans from her classmates following it. In junior high, she found it extremely difficult to maintain friendships with her classmates as she was constantly vying for dominance in everything she did; athletics events, exams, public speaking just to name a few.

It wasn't all bad new during junior high, as Amelia had been accepted as a member of the local flying club at the old Miramar air base. There, she was able to learn how to fix and maintain the ancient aircraft that had once called the base home, and were now flown and maintained by the flying club.Her interest in Earth aviation was focused on one main aircraft, known as a Tomcat. The lines, the speed, they called for her. There was another reason however for her affection for the plane; it was actually her great great great grandfather's aircraft that he flew from the very same base. By the time she progressed to senior high, and finished it at the top of her class, she had maintained relationships with only three people; a theme that would continue for quite some time after she was accepted into Starfleet Academy.

2379 would be a dark year for Starfleet and the stability of the Alpha Quadrant when Shinzon of Remus took control of the Romulan Empire and had his attack on Earth foiled by Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E. The incident was the talk of the Academy that year, as was the young cadet that was taking no prisoners on her quest to be the best she could be. Her competitive nature was making her more enemies than friends, something which towards the end of her time at the Academy she had finally begun to take notice of. This was when her ability to lead and command really began to help her counteract the negativity she was getting from her classmates. She was relatable, she was beginning to appear, act and sound like a real officer. Her four years of learning paid off well, as she left the Academy sporting a Major in Astrophysics along with the prestige that went with being a member of Nova Squadron for all four years; something which had never been done before. It was now January 2384, and Amelia found herself at her first posting as a Fighter Pilot on Starbase 17, a mere ten light years from the Romulan border.

Whilst she had been hoping for a posting to a ship, Amelia quickly settled into station life where there was always something to do, or somewhere to go. On duty, she was either out in her assigned Valkyrie-class fighter with her wing-man; a slightly older Ensign by the name of Dean Harris, or she was in one of the many fighter hangars on the station assisting the engineering crews in the continual maintenance and upkeep of the fighter complement. Regular tasks for the fighter group included escort of dignitaries and their ships, patrols of the local star system that the Starbase called home, and on rare occasion chasing off pirate vessels that attempted to catch trade vessels by surprise from a nearby nebula as they approached the station. Overall Amelia neither liked or disliked the posting to Starbase 17, but jumped at the opportunity when offered the chance to be reassigned to a carrier, the USS Concorde; lead ship of the Concorde-class. Bonus? She was offered the position of a Squadron Leader, and a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Her bags were packed and loaded onto her fighter before she had even transmitted her acceptance. It was April 2387, and Amelia's career in Starfleet was looking better to her already.

Life aboard the Concorde was far different to that on that station. The Concorde reminded her of the old Earth carriers which once roamed the planet's oceans, protecting the interests of their nations and projecting a strong force to those who would challenge them. It was in this environment that her command abilities were able to be used to their full potential. Her flight leaders looked up to her abilities, which far surpassed their own. She was one hell of a pilot, and they knew to respect her for that. The three flight leaders and Amelia soon formed a very strong friendship, but also a very important distinction between when it was appropriate to drop the ranks and converse at an equal level, and when to maintain the rank structure and treat each other accordingly. The one thing however which her Wing Commander took particular note of, she always made sure her fighters were the ones that were ready at the drop of a hat. Surprise drills? They were the first to launch, with Amelia in the lead. When they returned, she was the last fighter every single time. She lead her crews out, and she made sire they all came back before she would set her own fighter down. Although the Concorde had its fair share of uses for the fighters, she was not once involved in a major conflict where her resources could be used to their fullest extent. The Wing Commander had noticed that Lieutenant Wilson was keen on being somewhere a little more 'front-line'. She had spent a good four and a half years aboard the Concorde; time had allowed her to start seeing things in hger past that had happened which gave her new purpose, to make sure that she didn't make the same mistakes she made when she was younger.

After a brief meeting with the Wing Commander of the Concorde, and a signed transfer order later, Amelia once again packed her bags and jumped in the cockpit of her ever-faithful Valkyrie fighter. With a final wave, she set off from the Concorde, disappearing at warp towards her new home; the USS Excalibur.
Service Record January 2379 - Enters Starfleet Acadmey, age 17

December 2383 - Graduates with Major in Astrophysics, age 22

January 2384 - Assigned as Fighter Pilot - Starbase 17, age 22

May 2385 - Assigned as Flight Leader - Starbase 17, age 23

April 2387 - Assigned as Squadron Leader - USS Concorde, age 25
- Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

November 2391 - Assigned as Wing Commander - USS Excalibur, age 30
- Promoted to Lieutenant