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Ensign Jonathan Ryan

Name Jonathan Michael Ryan

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jonathan Ryan is a Human male, 25 years of age. He is of average build and although he maintains a disciplined physical regimen, he is nowhere near muscle bound. He prefers to wear a beard, even at his young age. He jokes that it keeps him from getting 'carded' in bars.


Father Timothy M. Ryan
Mother Norma K. Ryan
Sister(s) Estella G. Ryan

Assignment Information

Data Access Level Level 1

Personality & Traits

Strengths Jon is a very outgoing person. Never met a stranger he did not like. Except his sister. She persists in calling him, Jonny. This, he finds annoying. But she's family. What are you gonna do? Ryan worked very hard to get where he is today, even going so far as to return to Starfleet Academy for a year long course in command training in the hopes of an assignment as Chief of Operations.

Ryan is, for the most part, competent at his job. Although still an Ensign, he takes his duties very seriously and has in fact, been told to loosen up on occasion. He is not serious all the time, but this is mainly attributed to his Command Training instructor who once told him to remove the warp nacelle from his butt. Yes, it was that bad.
Weaknesses Ryan's greatest weakness is in his own words, a fear of doing something incredibly stupid while on the bridge of a starship in a critical situation. Venting atmosphere from the bridge comes to mind.
Ambitions Jon has ambitions, of course. Commanding a starship one day is at the top of his list. But, it is not the end all-be all of his world. He just thinks he should be a good person, before anything else. Colorado upbringing.
Hobbies & Interests Jon adores twentieth century music. Rock music, as it was called. He will tell you he is a so-so guitarist, but he is very good. Not rich and famous good, but he can hold his own.
Languages Federation Stardard, Breen, some Klingon

Personnel Information

Personal History Born March 9, 2364 in Boulder, Colorado.

Jon, his parents soon learned, was a handful. Raised around the wilderness, animals and on a farm to boot, his parents never imagined their son was a mechanical prodigy. At the age of six, after a year of merely observing, young Jonathan completely disassembled the farm's hover tractor in six hours. However, his father would absolutely not let him put it back together. He was heartbroken over this.

At ten years of age, he built a land skimmer from scratch. From parts of other machinery on the farm. Although he was mechanically inclined, his real fascination was with just how things worked together. That his been his reasoning for building the skimmer in the first place: To see if he could make it work.

From here, we come to Jon at sixteen years of age. He applied to and was accepted in Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. He graduated second in his class in 2384 and was assigned as an Operations officer aboard the USS Thomaston under the command of Captain Niles Caulder. Caulder had begun his tour in Starfleet as an Operations Officer and in Ryan, he saw great potential at that post. Thus, it was Caulder who started a young Ensign Ryan on his path in Operations.

His standard duty rotation came two years later with a request to be posted aboard the predominantly Vulcan crewed USS Surak gaining approval. Under Captain T'vana, Ryan learned both patience and diligence in his job. He was still eager and had much to learn about the operation of a starship. The Vulcan captain almost admired Ryan's request to serve aboard her ship. She taught him how to meditate in order to calm himself. He still cannot do the Vulcan neck pinch, however.

In 2388, Ensign Ryan returned to Starfleet Academy to receive Command Training in preparation to advance in the ranks of the Operations Department aboard a starship. His instructor was Master Chief Vladimir Nilovich. The Chief had the reputation of being the toughest instructor at the Academy, bar none. It was well earned. Ryan and the Chief had interesting debates in class about subjects such as the Prime Directive, the USS Voyager and just why her commanding officer was promoted to Admiral after she had violated said directive so many times. Nilovich liked Ryan, even if he did consider him to be a pain in the posterior.

Upon completing his secondary Academy studies, a posting aboard the USS Excalibur became available and Ryan submitted his application for its new Chief of Operations. Much to his surprise, his application was accepted. Nilovich commented, "God help them".
Service Record 2380 - 2384: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
2384 - 2386: USS Thomaston NCC - 76554; Operations Officer
2386 - 2388: USS Surak NCC - 75158; Operations Officer
2388 - 2389: Starfleet Command Training; San Francisco
2389 - Pres: USS Excalibur NCC - 77900 - A; Chief of Operations