Lieutenant JG Canaan Serine

Name Canaan Jean Serine
Position Chief Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 190.5 cm
Weight 67.6 kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue-Green
Physical Description Canaan stands at the height of 190.5 centimeters and sports a lean build, weighing in at 67.6 kilograms. Canaan's stark-white hair and pale skin are a result of a rare form of albinism. There are a smattering of freckles over the bridge of his nose, and Canaan's eyes are a beautiful aquamarine. When not in uniform, Canaan adorns civilian attire of a practical nature, preferring high-quality clothing of a durable build that offers comfort as well as functionality. He favors fabrics with muted colors, usually earth tones, and few embellishments. Although stylistically pure, Canaan pairs his clothing with accessories that are, as well, simple in nature, yet complementary to the attire. Canaan's nose is pierced with a tasteful gold hoop, aligning the curve of his left nostril. Additionally, he has coupled surface piercings which angle the defined iliac furrow of his pelvis, near either hip bone. Aside from these adornments, Canaan has no body art or distinguishing marks.


Father Gregory Serine
Mother Matilida Benoit (née)
Other Family

Assignment Information

Security Clearance
Data Access Level Level 1
Authorisation Code
Quarters Assignment
Duty Station

Medical Clearance

Counselling Evaluation

Personality & Traits

Strengths Idealistic and free-spirited, Canaan is uninhibited, outgoing, and personable. He has a disarming sense of humor, which helps to make fast friends. Canaan is patient and empathetic, striving to remain courteous, both in speech and action, preferring first and foremost to listen. He isn't easily frustrated, choosing to focus those energies on assessing the situation to offer the best solution.
Weaknesses Loyal to a fault, sometimes at the cost of his well being, Canaan will invest himself in the care of those he loves. It's easy for others to take advantage of this kindness, leaving him vulnerable to others' ill-intentions. Canaan is quick to shut others out when he perceives a line has been crossed and will hold a grudge for some time. He doesn't always think before speaking, his playful sarcasm often misinterpreted for condescension. He can be quick to apologize, even when he's not at fault.
Hobbies & Interests Canaan has a keen appreciation for the arts, yet prefers photography and watercolor above all other media and is honing a developing appreciation for music. He enjoys several literary interests and journals regularly. An avid outdoorsman, Canaan likes swimming, four-wheeling, snowmobiling, skiing (downhill and cross country), snowshoeing, camping (all seasons), backpacking, fly-fishing, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking. Canaan enjoys hobbies requiring an above-average amount of physical activity such as water polo, field hockey, and soccer. He will engage in these activities on a social level yet enjoys those of solitude, as well. He enjoys a quiet game of cribbage or solitaire and participates in a daily exercise program to stay in shape. Canaan enjoys the company of friends and family and has been known to sneak a drink during social or special occasions.
Languages Federation Standard

Personnel Information

Personal History The only child to parents Matilda Benoit (née) and Gregory Serine, Canaan was born on Earth in 2362 and raised in the north woods of Maine, near the Moosehead Lake region. His mother and father were employed with the department of inland fisheries and wildlife as a veterinary pathologist and ecologist, respectively. From an early age, Canaan joined Matilda and Gregory on their expeditions, learning about nature in a practical, hands-on methodology. It was during these excursions when Canaan derived a genuine love for exploration and discovery while learning to appreciate the natural order of things.

Although proficient in other subjects, Canaan excelled in the sciences, especially natural and environmental sciences, as well as biology. His grades were of such a caliber that he was invited to attend college-level courses through the University of New England. It was during this time when Canaan applied and qualified to attend the Starfleet Academy Preparatory School in Paris, France. While attending school, Canaan endured a grueling schedule of academic coursework, drilling, practical education, and physical training—all of which was intended to prepare him for Starfleet Academy. Canaan thrived in the schools’ relentlessly demanding environment and exceedingly high expectations while coming to respect the strict regiment imposed. Upon graduating from prep-school, Canaan was granted admission to Starfleet Academy.

Canaan’s first assignment post-academy was a two-year tour of duty aboard the USS Gemini, where he served as a junior officer in the science departments’ biology division. These two-years were filled with individual research projects and experiments, as well as several scientific expeditions that resulted in his co-authoring several papers, two of which were published in professional journals. Although most of his time during this assignment was purely academic, Canaan had the honor of being selected as a member of the first landing party to conduct the initial survey of Arach-VI. Due to his contributions, Canaan received a promotion in rank and was invited to be among the applicants for a long-term expedition to the planet. Canaan applied for the assignment, which included written recommendations from his division leader, the Gemini’s chief science officer, and their executive officer. Canaan’s subsequent participation in three different interview sessions resulted in his appointment to the expedition as the team leader.

In 2385, Canaan was among a team of seven assigned to the phase one scientific survey of Arach-VI. As the expedition leader, Canaan was instrumental in selecting a team comprised of some of the fleets’ most-gifted junior scientists. Phase one was a response to the initial planet-wide survey conducted by the Gemini and involved the comprehensive study of the planets’ natural ecosystem. The team was comprised of a botanist, entomologist, vulcanologist, zoologist, mineralogist, geologist, and ecologist. Canaan primarily served as the ecologist, while also assisting in biology and zoology. The expedition was assigned the Danube-class runabout Penobscot in support of their study, as well as a planet-side emplacement.

Arach-VI proved to be an invitingly hospitable planet. Like his counterparts, Canaan relished his time on the planet and found the overall experience enriching. Although there were moments of hardship, the four-year period during which the team was assigned, was an overall pleasant experience. The team was dedicated to their work, diligent in staying on task, and meeting established deadlines. Canaan enjoyed the work, especially in his newfound role as a leader. He delighted in cultivating the knowledge and experience of the other team members, finding it incredibly fulfilling to help them to succeed.

After the four-year study, Starfleet Command reviewed the team’s findings and determined the planet ideal for future colonization and subsequently approved phase two. The team was happy, several of its members applying to remain with the study. Canaan considered staying on with the expedition, yet ultimately decided on a change of pace and put in for reassignment.

In 2389, Canaan received the Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon for his dedicated service and proven leadership capabilities during the prior assignment. Receiving orders, Canaan reported onboard the USS Excalibur as the starships chief science officer.
Service Record 2375: Attended Starfleet Preparatory School, Paris France
2379: Enrolled Starfleet Academy
2381: Passed field medic training & survivalist training
2383: Graduated Starfleet Academy
2383: Assigned to USS Gemini
2385: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385: Assigned to Expedition Leader, Arach-VI
2389: Assigned to USS Excalibur