Lieutenant JG Atrorius S'harien

Name Atrorius Castus S'harien
Position Chief Flight Control Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 180 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Artorius is tall, lean, and perfectly toned. (to him at least.) His complexion is slightly tanned with a greenish hue to his skin due to the copper levels in his blood. His hair is long and kept in a ponytail that is Federation styled for males.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Galen
Mother Lucreta
Brother(s) Maxius
Sister(s) Arrhae
Other Family Various. Family is split to the seperatists living on the fledgling Virinat colony and on colony worlds still loyal to the crumbling Empire.

Medical Clearance

Assignment Information

Security Clearance
Data Access Level Level 1
Authorisation Code
Quarters Assignment
Duty Station

Counselling Evaluation

Personality & Traits

Strengths Artorius is hyper-intelligent, and he uses that intellect to perform to the best of his duties. While he would consider himself a warm and inviting person, he is still seen as suspicious by some. He makes friends easily enough but he's wary of those who distrust him without reason or provocation.

He is also known for his patience and understanding, given his current position and his career path Artotius has no choice but to be. He is adept in giveng guidence to those who seek it and has no fear of giving anyone a piece of his mind if he so chooses. He may be strong willed and opinionated, but he tries to keep himself in check not to overstep any boundaries, he's not out to make enimies or to hurt feelings.
Weaknesses When questioned about the destruction of Romulus, Artorius can feel empathy towards those who actually survived it's destruction. Certain circles that talk behind his back don't consider him a true Romulan because he doesn't feel anger over the planet's destruction.

His Romulan arrogance; Artorius does not take to being slighted. Insult him badly or harshly enough and the prototypical Romulan can come out in him. He has had to keep his anger in check by certain instructors and fellow officers. If he is angry enough he'll want to expunge that in a creative way by partaking in dangerous holodeck sims or vigiorus workout programs in the excercise centers.

Women are also a weakness. Artorius is a charmer and a womanizer by hobby. His affairs are whispered rumours, and are also seen as a challenge by single female officers who want to explore dating a Romulan.
Ambitions Artotius is the first Romulan to enlist in Starfleet. His ambition is to serve with distinction and to prove that there are Romulans who desire peace and prosperity now that Romulus is destroyed and that whatever is left of the empire, it's on borrowed time. Artorius also wishes to seek out those responsible for the destruction of Romulus as well as combat the menace of the Tal Shiar, should he get the chance.
Hobbies & Interests Artoriusis is interested in astrophysics, interstellar navigation, Archeology, and electronic dance music. He loves learning about notable Starfleet officers of the past as well as Klingon and former Romulan officers. He practices Kendo, loves to swim and work out.

His interests also include movies and concerts, sailing on Risa, cooking as well as exploration to planets and civilizations he's never seen before.
Languages Rihannsu (All three dialects), Vulcanese, Federation Standard.

Personnel Information

Personal History Artorius was born on the colony world of VIrinat to Romulan Seperatists. His father and mother working for D'tan's reunification movement that in turn became an all out rebellion against the decaying remains of the Romulan Star Empire and the Tal Shiar. The ideals of free thoughts and opinions, independance, and democracy was instilled in Artorius at a very early age. After Shinzon's rebellion decimated the Romulan senate young Artorius was inspired to study and practice law while his elder brother and sister went on to practice medicine and eventually become doctors.

However, it was on the advice from D'tan himself that Artorius should try to enlist in Starfleet. What would be seen as a bold, and extremely dangerous manouvre could be seen from one perspective, while the other may be seen as more 'promising' to others. Artorius swalloed his fear and overcame his trepidation and undertook the Starfleet enterance exams.

Months went by without hearing anything of his results until he was contacted by a starfleet admiral and requested a formal interview. He was accepted into Starfleet academty and became an examplar student, graduating at the top of his class as well as gaining the friendship and respect of his classmates and professors.

S'harien's first posting was to Starbase Sierra. Serving as a shuttlecraft pilot, then transferring to Sierra's security division. Within a year and a half Artorius transferred to the U.S.S. Sovereign to serve as helmn officer for it's final missions.

After Sovereign was decomissioned Artorius was next assigned to the U.S.S. Excalibur to serve as Chief Helm Officer.
Service Record 2387: Starbase Sierra - Shuttlecraft Pilot.
2388: Starbase Sierra - Security officer.
2388: U.S.S. Sovereign - Helm officer.
2389: U.S.S Excalibur - Chiel Helm Officer.