Commander Elias Wren

Name Elias Wren
Position Executive Officer
Rank Commander
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10”
Weight 85kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Elias has red hair, either stubble or a beard is worn. He has broad shoulders and very athletic.


Children Foye Palzo (Son, estranged)
Other Family Foye Nabe (Ex Wife)

Medical Clearance

Assignment Information

Security Clearance Level 8
Data Access Level Level 4
Authorisation Code Wren-562-Blue
Quarters Assignment Executive Officer's Quarters, Deck 2
Duty Station Main Bridge, Alpha Shift

Counselling Evaluation

Personality & Traits

Strengths Commander Wren is hard working and very knowledgeable in his particular field. He is a good communicator and leader.
Hobbies & Interests

Personnel Information

Personal History Elias was raised by his parent's in the South East of England. At the age of 18 he joined Starfleet Academy.

Wren excelled at the academy. He choose Flight Control and Flight Combat as he’s field’s of choice.

After the Academy, Wren was assigned to the USS Atreus, where he served as helmsman for 3 years until war broke out with the Dominion. The Atreus was one of the first ships destroyed by the Dominion as they began to cleanse Cardassian and surrounding space.

Thankfully, Elias and a handful of other managed to survive. After they were rescued and taken back to Deep space nine where he awaited new orders.

While their he entered a whirlwind relationship with a Bajor Civilian. 4 weeks later they were married and expecting their first child.

Shortly after the wedding, Wren was promoted to Lieutenant JG and assigned to the USS Repulse as her Chief Helmsman and fighter pilot. The Repulse had recently seen lots of action and had taken heavy casualties.

Elias saw out the remained of the war on the Repulse. Although he wasn’t able to contact his wife or see his new born child.

After the war ended Wren received a promotion to full Lieutenant. He took some leave to head back to his wife on Bajor. Once there he discovered that she had annulled their marriage and married a Bajoran man who was raising their son.

In anger and hatred he resigned his commission and moved to earth where he wallowed in self pity, turning for drink for comfort.

Six months later, his former CO of the Repulse, called in to see him while visiting Earth. Pearson, now a Starfleet Admiral, persuaded Wren to clean up his life and rejoin Starfleet, to get his career on track. After a difficult few weeks Elias accepted and cleaned himself up.

He was assigned to the USS Cavalier in their Starfighter wing as Flight Leader. He spent the next 6 years aboard the Cavalier, helping to rebuild Cardassia after their heavy losses after the war and then exploring the far reaches of the beta quadrant.

Once Cavalier returned home from her deep space exploration mission, she was dry docked for a major refit and the crew was reassigned to different positions within the fleet.

Wren was again promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made Squadron Leader for Deep Space 7. He enjoyed his work on the station but didn’t find it satisfying enough. Being on the move on a Starship kept him from thinking about his son. Although he received occasional updates and pictures it hurt to much not to see him.

After two years he applied for a Starship assignment and was assigned to the newly built Luna class USS Rhea as her Chief Helm Officer and Second Officer.

He loved being back on a Starship and enjoyed the new challenge of being Second Officer.

Four years into his stint on Rhea, their First Officer was killed on an away mission. The Captain promoted Wren to Commander and First Officer.

In 2389, when the Rhea was docked at Providence Fleet Yards for resupply, Walker received new orders to transfer to the USS Excalibur as her new first officer and wing commander for the carrier Starfighter Section.
Service Record 2366-2370 Starfleet Academy Cadet

2370-2373 USS Atreus Helmsman Ensign

2373-2375 USS Repulse Chief Helmsman/Fighter Pilot Lieutenant JG

2375 Promoted to Lieutenant

2375 Resigned from Starfleet for personal reasons

2376 Reinstated to Starfleet

2376-2382 USS Cavalier Flight Leader Lieutenant

2382-2384 Deep Space 7 Squadron Leader Lieutenant Commander

2384-2387 USS Rhea Chief Helm Officer & Second Officer Lieutenant Commander

2387-2389 USS Rhea First Officer Commander

2389 - Present USS Excalibur First Officer/Wing Commander Commander