Ensign Noah Maritz

Name Noah Ridley Maritz
Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Rank Ensign
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 87kg
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Light brown hair cut short on the sides, slightly longer on top
Hazel green eyes
Tall and tanned with broad shoulders
His brother and sisters initials are tattooed behind each ear
Full sleeve tattoo (right arm) of an old world circus with a ring master, animals and performers


Spouse Ex-wife: Tiana Carvello (married 2 years)
Brother(s) Ensign Jason Maritz - 32 - Strategic Operations Officer, USS Cadence
Sister(s) Commander Pip Maritz - 36 - Commanding Officer, USS Firebrand
Other Family Commander Simon Lewis - 37 - Chief Operations Officer, Starbase 43 (soon to be brother-in-law)
Siku - 3 - Dog, Siberian Husky

Medical Clearance

Assignment Information

Security Clearance
Data Access Level Level 1
Authorisation Code
Quarters Assignment
Duty Station

Counselling Evaluation

Personality & Traits

Strengths Physical strength
Weapons knowledge
Hand-to-hand and close quarters combat
Weaknesses An old sports injury in his right knee occasionally flares up
Occasional light sensitivity with his eyes (doesn't affect his work ability)
Ambitions To become Head of Security on a starbase somewhere
Hobbies & Interests Doing any kind of activity with his dog Siku
Playing guitar
Working out
Languages Federation Standard, a bit of German, and bits and pieces of other languages

Personnel Information

Personal History 2356: Born July 15th in Berkeley, California

2361-2369 (5-13): Attended Black Pine Circle School
- Began taekwando and karate

2370-2373 (14-17): Attended Maybeck High School
- Excelled in athletics, most academics
- Graduated with sports scholarship offers for various colleges

2374 (18): Attended University of California Berkeley
- Began studying a Bachelor of Physical Education

2376 (20): Dropped out of university second year
- Saw recruitment posters and attended a recruitment drive for Starfleet
- Began the application process for joining Starfleet
Service Record 2377: Attended Starfleet Academy

Year 1:
A- overall grade
Excelled in most areas
Joined the Athletics program - track, martial arts

Year 2:
A- overall grade
Passed the Hand-to-hand Combat and the Small Unit Tactics courses
Took up the elective of Linguistics
Entered various competitions for athletics

Year 3:
A+ overall grade
Excelled at the linguistics course
Began the Advanced Self Defense and Combat Strategy courses
Honorable mentions in the Commandants Honor Award

Year 4:
A+ overall grade
Passed all exams in all courses
Received commendations and awards from his instructors

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