Ensign Geran Demar

Name Geran Demar
Position Chief Science Officer
Rank Ensign
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 162
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description While he has a more muscular, stocky, build compared to most Trill, Gedan is of average height and weight for his species. His mother describes him as more "classically handsome" as opposed to being "pretty and handsome". His keeps his brown hair short and lightly styled and while he has some facial hair it usually is nothing more then a 5 o'clock shadow or kept to around his jaw line.


Father Meral Yoner
Mother Phelna Yoner
Sister(s) Telera Yoner
Other Family

Assignment Information

Security Clearance
Data Access Level Level 1
Authorisation Code
Quarters Assignment
Duty Station

Medical Clearance Starfleet Medical Physical Evaluation Report - January 2389 - Lt. Commander Jon Tervet, MD

Gedan has healed fully from his injuries on Kerdal III. Both legs and his left arm sustained broken bones that were healed by normal treatment. He also suffered a small concussion, light bruising and minor blood loss. Due to the nature of his injuries physical therapy was ordered and he completed it fully in 64 days and has no lingering issues.

He has had no major surgeries in his lifetime and only 2 small surgeries; one to correct his vision as a child and another to remove what the Trill call the 'Leknear' organ. This is a small, vestigial, organ that most Trill preemptively have removed when young to avoid any infections down the road.

He is of healthy weight and has kept himself if good physical shape per Starfleet guidelines. There are no indications of heart disease, abnormal cell growth or any other disease for that matter. During this physical he was given several inoculations; all of which are listed under Starfleet Medical guideline 223, subsection 4, directive 11-2388.

He is cleared for full duty with no medical restrictions. As noted in Starfleet Medical guideline 547, all medical officers are to honor the requirement dictated by Trill Prime that the life of the symbiont is above the life of the host in medical situations. No procedure or medication that could cause harm to the symbiont is allowed to be used, even if it is to save the life of the host. To willing violate this regulation will result in a possible court martial or civil punishment by the government of Trill Prime.

Counselling Evaluation Starfleet Medical Psychological Evaluation Report - December 2388 - Commander Teri McMillian, MD

Gedan has a rather easy-going personality and generally is not one for formality; something that is notated several times throughout his service record. One could surmise that once you've lived more than a few lifetimes, formality becomes rather optional. He has been joined to the Demar symbiont for nearly 10 years and by all accounts there are no lingering issues from the joining and he adapted well; though I would like to note I am mostly relying on the word of the Trill Symbiosis Commission and they are never eager to share much information.

The tunnel collapse on Kerdel III that injured him, 3 other officers and took the lives of 2 others has weighed heavily on him but I do not see any signs of PTSD or lingering severe trauma. I, however, am ordering psychological evals every 6 months for the next 2 years to ensure he remains stable. Joined Trill, especially with older symbionts, tend to recover for trauma more efficiently but they are also adept at hiding it. The loss of the two officers remains a heavy burden on him and I fear this could interfere with critical decision making skills in a time of crisis and he has shown a tendency to revisit this topic in my interviews with him. Over the long run I feel this will work itself out, and work may be the best medicine in this case so that he can regain some of the confidence he has lost, but I would caution a Commanding Officer against a recommending him in the command training program until he proves he is apt at handling a crisis.

In any event, I am clearing Gedan for full duty anywhere Starfleet seems fit to send him. There is nothing that would indicate to me that he is not able to fulfill his duties as a Starfleet officer.

Personality & Traits

Strengths Thanks to the Demar symbiont he has over 400 years of memories on tap with most of the in the science filed. Some have remarked that his patience is remarkably high; benefiting him in both the science field.
Weaknesses Gedan tends to be a bit of a perfectionist; often refusing to turn in or complete work or a mission until it has met his satisfaction. He shares the typical limitations that Joined Trills have: Insect bites can be extremely dangerous and serious injuries are complicated by the necessity of keeping the symbiont’s safety in mind before the host’s safety. His engineering skills and next to nothing; usually breaking things more of he attempts to fix them. His combat skills tend to match his engineering skills, though he usually knows enough to keep himself from getting shot in a combat situation.
Ambitions His ambitions are fairly small. He enjoys his work and simply wishes to continue serving and, like most joined Trill, has a drive to expand his knowledge of the universe and everything in it. After 5 lifetimes of husbands, wives, children and grandchildren, he has little desire to settle down and have another family; calling love and marriage something 'for the young'.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys painting and some singing. He can get rather engrossed in a book quickly and easily.
Languages Federation Standard, Trill, Klingon (very little)

Personnel Information

Personal History Born in one of the smaller Trill cities Gedan had a mostly regular childhood. In school he excelled in the Sciences and Literature classes; showing a high level of reading comprehension and analytical thinking skills while he struggled in his math classes. Shortly before his graduation from secondary studies school he, like thousands of others each year, took the entrance exam to Starfleet Academy. Starfleet Academy offered him entrance to the academy as a science track cadet and he gladly accepted. His first year was unremarkable, though he scored well enough in his classes to show promise. However, just after his first year at the academy he received the received the news every Trill wants to hear: he had been accepted as a symbiosis commission candidate. He quickly deferred his studies and returned to Trill. His scores during training weren’t overly impressive but he managed to not wash out like so many that had entered with him. After a year and a half he was allowed to join with the Demar symbiont. Demar was one of the older symboints at just over 400 years but its past 5 hosts had all been involved in science careers and it and Gedan were considered ‘complementary’. The joining process went smoothly and 6 months later Gedan left Trill for Starfleet Academy ready to resume his studies.

The second year of his Academy training was difficult as he had to deal with not only being, essentially, a new person but almost starting over at the Academy. His friends from year 1 were about to graduate and he had come back as a year 2 cadet with a new personality. He has several reprimands in his file from his second year at the academy for his attitude towards his professors. He wasn’t rude or insubordinate but he had a more causal (some would say flippant) form of addressing them and wasn’t afraid to challenge their assessments of him. His last two years were somewhat better. He had grown accustomed to being joined and he moved on from the more basic studies and onto more science courses. He excelled greatly in them but his engineering and tactical/security scores were woefully low. He managed to scrap by in those classes but just barely and he graduated squarely in the middle of his class.

He was assigned to a planetary outpost near Starbase 22 as an archaeologist. He excelled in this role and rose through the ranks. He eventually rose as high as he could while stationed as small planetary base and was offered positions on several starships. He declined and stayed on the base for most of his early Starfleet career. Eventually Starfleet ordered the base to be decommissioned and a new class of Starbase be built in it's place. Starfleet gave him two options: Reassignment to Starfleet Sciences on Earth or be posted to a Starship. Gedan opted for the latter choice and was assigned to the USS Vestige in the 9th fleet as Assistant Chief Science Officer. Shortly before the Vestige was supposed to launch the ship suffered extensive damage in a sabotage attempt by the Gorn and was held up in spacedock for another 6 months.

His time aboard the Vestige was fairly routine as the Steamrunner Class ship was mainly assigned to small scientific and diplomatic duties in the Alpha Quadrant. After a several years on the Vestige an opportunity arose for Gedan to put his education in archaeology to good use. He quickly accepted the position and was assigned to Kerdel III as Head of Archaeology for the expedition. With Starfleet estimating over 10 years worth of time needed to complete the study, Luke was excited to take on his first big position. 3 years into the project the team moved onto another part of the vast ruins, as had been planned for some time, and began their work.

Shorty into the second phase of the project Gedan was caught in a tunnel collapse in a new excavated section. While he didn't sustain any life threatening injuries he did end up spending 2 months on Starbase 254 on medical leave as underwent light physical therapy. Due to the nature of the work on Kerdel III, Gedan had been replaced so that they could continue on. The loss of his position stung but Starfleet assured him his work had not gone unnoticed and his next assignment would reflect that.

With his short rehab completed he finally received news of his new assignment: Chief Science Office on the Ascension Class USS Excalibur. The thought of returning to space did thrill him, especially on one of Starfleets newest classes of ships.
Service Record 2376-2377 - Starfleet Academy

2377-2379 - Medical Deferment; Trill Prime

2379-2381 - Starfleet Academy

2381- 2383 - Starbase 22 - Archaeologist

2383-2386 - USS Vestige - Assistant Chief Science Office & Archaeologist

2386 - 2389 - Kerdel III Expedition - Head of Archaeology

2389 - USS Excalibur - Chief Science Officer