Lieutenant Commander Ryan Murphy

Name Ryan Murphy
Position Executive Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 250
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ryan is a generally average appearing male, although he is in excellent physical shape, an indication of the fact that he likes to work out. He has a confident and assertive appearance to him. The man has an air of strength about him. He also has a scar that runs from ear to ear, from when his lymph nodes were removed to treat cancer.


Spouse Michael Tritter
Children Ashley (6) and Christopher (4)
Father James Murphy (deceased)
Mother Elaina Murphy (no active relationship)
Brother(s) Tony Murphy
Sister(s) Jenna Murphy
Other Family

Assignment Information

Security Clearance
Data Access Level Level 1
Authorisation Code
Quarters Assignment
Duty Station

Medical Clearance

Counselling Evaluation

Personality & Traits

Strengths He is calm, cool and collected under pressure. He can handle nearly any situation thrown at him and he is always up for a good challenge. He is highly sharp and has higher than average reaction time, primarily due to the fact that his brain functions at a higher rate of speed than most people. Things tends to happen in slow motion for him due to it.
Weaknesses Ryan doesn't have many weaknesses, but he does have a bit of an issue with significant migrane type headaches caused by certain environmental allergies. He also is known for getting any cold under the sun due to a bit of a weakened immune system due to past medical issues.
Ambitions Ryan again, is a bit of a keep to himself type. He doesn't discuss his goals often, but he is not the type of guy who can simply be in one position. He does have goals to move up the Chain, but he wagers that will happen in due time. He doesn't have one specific goal in mind, but feeling fulfillment and being in the right “place” mentally is what is most important to him.
Hobbies & Interests Shooting, working out, spending time with family
Languages Federation Standard, Sign Language, German (some)

Personal History Ryan was born in Arlington, Virgina. The family moved to Central New York when Ryan was five and his father had joined the State Police. He had an unremarkable past, except for a few blemishes of domestic violence committed against him by his Mother. But that was something that was ended quickly once his Father found out, his parents split shortly after and the kids lived full time with their Father. Their Father did the best he could, although he was busy with the job. In addition to being raised by his Father, his older brother stepped up and helped raised the two younger kids.

Ryan was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma at age 14, he endured many years of aggressive chemo and radiation. He lost weight and became increasingly frail. It was suspected he would not make it. Once it was under control enough, they went in surgically and removed all of the lymph nodes in his neck. Leaving him with an ear to ear scar, he now jokes he was attacked by Jack The Ripper as a child.

Ryan would than attend college, just as any typical young adult would. However, in college is when his Father would be killed in the line of duty. He decided at that point to take up a career in law enforcement when he graduated. He was a stellar performer at his job and he proceeded to work hard, keep his head down and success came his way. He made his way up to Lieutenant and was in charge of the SWAT team until he left the field of law enforcement.

His Husband had decided to join the Fleet, he took a post nearby as a Marine Officer, whilest Ryan went the more traditional Starfleet role. He initially took assignment aboard the Valkyrie, serving with Captain Davis for a year before being reassigned to a Chief position aboard the new USS Iroquois with Captain Keyes. He thrived in those positions, relying on his past law enforcement experience. He was often considered intense compared to most Starfleet Officers, but he had a unique way of achieving the end goal that got him recognized. In due time, he was placed in the Executive Officer position of the Iroquois, until the ship was destroyed roughly six months later in a battle involving the Gorn. There weren't many survivors of the attack, he was one of the few and the ship was destroyed beyond all repair in the battle. The Gorn didn't fair much better, as they put up quite the fight. He was one of roughly 1/3 of the crew that survived.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Security Officer – USS Valkyrie
Chief of Sec/Tac – USS Iroquois
Executive Officer – USS Iroquois