Ensign Cassandra Rae

Name Cassandra Ann Rae
Position Chief Medical Officer
Rank Ensign
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 167
Weight 61kgs
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Oval face, full lips and straight nose. Pleasing features. Cassandra maintains a fairly high level of physical fitness. When on duty she wears standard Starfleet uniform of her department and rank. Whilst off duty she prefers comfort over style.


Father Phileas Rae
Mother Julia Rae
Brother(s) Phileas (Phil) 35
Hugh 32
Declan (Deceased)
Sister(s) Sophia Rae 19
Other Family

Assignment Information

Security Clearance
Data Access Level Level 1
Authorisation Code
Quarters Assignment
Duty Station

Medical Clearance

Counselling Evaluation

Personality & Traits

Strengths Cassandra wants the best possible outcome for her patients. A strong patient advocate. She has learned that what is best for the patient is not always the most desirable outcome but it is something she always strives to attain.

Her curiosity is a double edge sword; A Strength during working hours, A road to trouble in her personal life.
Weaknesses Prone to episodes of claustrophobia linked with PTSD symptoms. These episodes have lessened over the years, but she will still touch base with Starfleet counselling service when required.

If someone says don’t touch that! It's safe to assume Cassandra has probably already got her hands on it.

Ambitions Ambitions: work wise she is happy to run her department and possible one day head Starfleet medical. Personally; she wants to convince her baby sister to leave the family business and do something, anything else.
Hobbies & Interests Hot Yoga, Tai Chi, swimming, karaoke and musicals. Still has a fondness for Mahjong and other games of chance she grew up with.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History Cassandra was a born and bred freighter rat. Unity logistics is still a family run business headed by her eldest brother. She had a normal childhood picking up family bad habits and tightly bonded to her twin Declan, the freighter Luna Light was her home and playground. She was very much insulated from what was going on in the universe around her until her 12th year, her family freighter was forced out of warp and boarded.

Declan and Cassandra hid in one of the handy smuggling compartments her family’s freighters seem to have but were discovered, they fled into the main cargo bay, a grenade followed them in. Cassandra was caught under a pallet, crushing her pelvis and legs. She lay in puddle of her brother’s blood clinging to his lifeless hand, finally rescued and transferred to the USS Grisson and then onto Starfleet medical. Here she spent 18 months healing physical and mentally, enduring a sequence of operations and learning to walk again.

Cassandra never really found out the whys and wherefores of that boarding, but the guilt in her fathers’ eyes was enough for her to turn her back on her family and concentrate on her future. Her time at Starfleet medical saturated her soul and she was determined to become a doctor specifically a surgeon to give back what she could to the organisation and people who saved her life.

Entering Starfleet academy at 17 Cassandra studied hard, her focus only on her one goal. She was however slowly dragged into a group of friends all pre-med who became her second family. The summer of graduating the academy the group spent a month on Risa, Cassandra remembers it fondly has one of the best months of her life. After the extended R&R the group entered Starfleet medical and here in Cassandras mind her training really started.

At the graduation ceremony from Starfleet medical Cassandra was reunited in part with her family, her brothers and baby sister pitched up. It was brief, awkward and painful reunion but the olive branch was accepted on both sides and lines of communication remain open.

Assigned to the science and medical vessel USS Barton was one of the most intense years of her life, she learned on the job, it was sink or swim. Cassandra swam with the guidance of a mentor Jared Cameron, he taught her to trust her gut and broke her heart. On the USS Yalow Cassandra licked her emotional wounds and threw herself into the day job. Her first love was critical care but she soon found she enjoyed the leadership of ACMO and she was good at it. With a recommendation from her captain and her CMO she applied for the next available CMO posting.
Service Record 2379-2383 Starfleet Academy
2383-2387 Starfleet Medical Academy
2387- 88 USS Barton – Doctor – critical care retrievals
2388 – 89 ACMO USS Yalow
2389 -Present CMO USS Excalibur