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March Monthly Update

Posted on Sat Apr 6, 2019 @ 5:29pm by Captain Anthony Richardson

We have gotten up to 5 crew, however, there are some that may be removed soon. I am going to discuss those positions with those affected.

Posting & Activity
We are again falling short of our targets. April will be much different and there will be many changes to come with the activity, we will be making some major changes to ensure that we have activity going on.

Mission Recap (so far)
I have decided to move the storyline forward with the last post and there will be more over the coming days to move the storyline ahead. I will leave some small gaps in the timeline to allow for other posts to be included in between for the storyline. I have confirmed that the timeline mod still works, so please keep working up to MD02, 1200 Hours

Player of the Month
No player of the month award this month. I really do want to get some awards going, but we need crew posting and being active for this to happen.

Fleet News & Updates
If you haven’t already, please ensure you have signed up for the BFMS ( and created your character and had them assigned to the USS Excalibur. This way, both our website and fleet manifest are correct. Away from that, the USS Excalibur has been transferred to become a BFA simulation as I was appointed as the new Community Relations Officer within the fleet. A new banner will appear on the site shortly.

The website has also been updated to Nova 2.6.1. I am looking at the new extensions that are on offer to put a bit more things onto the website. At the moment, we don't have our ship status mods working. I'm hoping to get a notice to those who did mods under Nova 2.5. and see whether there are any updates to make them compatible with the new system.

Final Thoughts...
Don’t forget our Discord channel at and when you are on there, let me know your username so I can set the right permissions for you. In summary, we had a great January, it was positive to see where the simulation has come in such a short space of time, and I think with the same level of effort from everyone, we will see even bigger things over the rest of this year.


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