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Posted on Mon Dec 16, 2019 @ 7:26am by Captain Anthony Richardson

I have been slowly working through moving all the awards over from the database to the actual website now and going through and adding all the awards that you have all either been awarded or that you deserve, so that will take a little bit of today for me to go through. The new award images are already up on the website. At the moment, we have 17 awards but I am hoping to add more and of course, if you think of any sort of award that we should have (since we pretty much have free reign for what awards we want), then let me know. I'll be around most of today.

As for awards that need handing out as they were forgotten in the mayhem of the changes that have gone on, I want to present our very our Chief Security/Tactical Officer Ensign Noah Maritz with a 6 Months Service Ribbon

Teresa joined the simulation on 2 June 2019, so her 6 months of service was earlier this month, so I apologise for the short delay, but well done on reaching this great milestone with the simulation Teresa, you deserve it!!!


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Category: Ship Awards