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November Monthly Update

Posted on Tue Dec 3, 2019 @ 12:38pm by Captain Anthony Richardson

OK, we had a great month, almost hit 40 posts! What an effort by everyone. I don’t think, roughly looking, that nobody didn’t post under 3 posts all month, so well done. To reach that amount of posts, was an effort that you should all be proud of, even if we only have 6 crew, we are working as hard as we have seen before. The last four months have been amazing and I want to cap this year off with another big push of posts. I want to go through that a little later on but I want to spend this address talking about what is going to happen around Christmas and New Year.

Posting will be as normal between now and December 20th. For reference, when I refer to a date, that will be for Sydney, Australia so you may need to look at the time difference to work it out for your time zone (that gives me an idea???). By normal posting, that means that all the rules of the simulation still apply and we are still working on the mission. Mission Days 3 & 4 are based on the ship (with MD04 from about 1200hrs and 1400hrs on a base for a little rest), but other than that, there is heaps to be worked on around the ship.

From December 20th until January 4th, so for 15 days, there will be a “suspension” of posting, that means that if you want to post, that you can and are welcome to do so, but you won’t be booted if you don’t post. During this time, updates will still go out as will recruitment and we will still use our Discord server to chat and make sure we all don’t go dark on the simulation.

Between January 4th, 2020 and January 7th, I will send an email out to you all to get you back into posting with a solo mission post (remember, we are running essentially a 1:1 ratio, so you can use that post to talk about what your character did on Christmas). After January 7th, anybody who does not respond to the roll call will be removed.

I’ll put all of this onto the database this afternoon, so it will be there to have a read through and will explain everything in a lot more details.

Feel free to discuss what is in here on our Discord channel at

Great news! Nobody has left the sim, and we welcomed Nathan to the simulation as Lieutenant Amelia Wilson, our new Wing Commander and Second Executive Officer. Welcome to Nathan!!!

This leaves us with 6 crew, and currently we are equal 7th crewed simulation in Task Force 99. I want to see that we build this number up to double digits in 2020, and I will be really pushing to make sure that we can be recognised with some exposure for all the efforts we are doing compared to other sims that aren’t pulling their weight.

We reached 39 posts in November, that is an amazing effort. I know it was only 1 post short of our target, but still an amazing effort by you all. I will send out a message to you all via the website with your monthly posting numbers, so you can see your contributions to the simulation over November.

The challenge for December is 30 posts. That should not be hard, that is 5 posts per person. I think in the next 17 days, we can achieve that (only 1.7 posts a day from now). Let’s go out and shame that target before we slow down for the holidays!

I haven’t done much across the website this month as I have been having access troubles every single day, where I will lose access to the site after only 5-10 minutes. I am confident that the site is not in any way compromised and it still works fine for everyone else, and I have our server operators looking at it to see what the issue is and how it can be fixed as it seems to be something on my end.

MD01 is now closed, MD02 closes on December 10th, MD03 and MD04 are now open for all hours

Our focus for December is to spend MD03 and MD04 travelling to our location, MD04 between 1200hrs and 1400hrs, we will be docked at SFI Delphi for a short break, so there is plenty of time to work on posts and things with your department, get some testing, research, drills done with your teams and get things moving and ready for anything that might be coming. If you want details on what to expect, then set up a joint post with me and we can work on something. Don’t forget there is also the 50 Things to post about database file, which gives you a whole bunch of posts to write when you have nothing to post about. Let’s see who can get as many of that list done..

We were so pleased to again receive a fleet-level award, with our Chief Security/Tactical Officer receiving the Post of the Month award, so I won’t be awarding that on the ship level for October. I have submitted the post of the month nominee for the next report (that being November’s).

The Player of the Month award is being awarded to our Executive Officer. It was an important posting month but with my own website troubles, our Executive Officer was kind enough to keep things moving as much as possible. He encouraged (and still does) players to keep posting and kept me aware of how the site was functioning, I was able to send through posts when I could either via the website or via him and get them to put onto the website so that I could maintain my activity. There was a lot of discussions that we had regarding our new mission and little plotlines throughout the opening parts of this mission to allow for our storyline to not just be an A to B story but to have a wide range of drama and action throughout it. He has really made the position his own and I am very proud to have him as the Executive Officer on board the simulation.

I am also awarding the Newcomer of the Month award to Lieutenant Amelia Wilson for an amazing introduction to the sim and to the storyline. I have been quite impressed with Nathan, since he joined the sim, he has been very active and has made a name for himself, even after being out of writing for a few years now, he has jumped right back in where he left and like he was never gone. Well done Nathan!!!

We did receive an email from the Task Force Senior Staff which I am going through and discussing and will respond on behalf of the whole crew.

I’m going to again plug the Discord server at so that you can be involved in the discussions. It would be great to see more activity and discussions going on. I may start up some discussion topics to get things moving.

Keep up the great work!!!


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