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October Monthly Update

Posted on Tue Nov 5, 2019 @ 8:53am by Captain Anthony Richardson

I think October can be called another successful month in my eyes, we didn’t achieve our challenge but we still did get 29 posts. Even with my website access issues, we still achieve a great number of posts and really have made strides to open this mission up now as we start in 2391.

One thing with the mission is that I have altered it slightly, I had initially felt that the current parameters were a bit restrictive to only a couple of people and it would make it difficult to get others, or even new players involved, so I have altered the mission and we will now be undertaking a new assignment that I do hope will have more for everyone to do and more to get you all involved. I have already started writing up some posts to get that new assignment into our storyline (and your inboxes) and we have our joint post across the ship that will bring the new orders into the storyline.

Other than that, we have had a good and solid last couple of months, achieving a high number of posts each month and I hope that this keeps going in the last two months of this year. I am currently in the process of working out a date for our traditional Christmas/New Year shutdown and will send that out closer to the end of the month.

Feel free to discuss what is in here on our Discord channel at

We haven’t welcomed or sad goodbye to any crew this month, we have stayed steady again at 5 crew. I am going to be pushing the Task Force Commanding Officer to get some sort of assistance for the simulation to help us bring in new and active players to the simulation as it has been quite a while since we have seen new players and I have noticed that simulations that aren’t posting as much or at all are seeing increases in their players.

As I noted to you all in the private message earlier today, we posted 29 posts in October which was the 4th best in the Task Force last month, and we were the 3rd best averaging posting simulation in the Task Force. We have not slipped any lower than 3rd since we joined Task Force 99, so that deserves a round of applause for the efforts. We also haven’t had less than 5.4 posts/player in those three months, so again another amazing effort from everyone.

The challenge this month is to post at least 8 posts per player across the board. That means the challenge overall is a minimum of 40 posts. I think it is achievable for everyone, so let’s get beat this challenge.

I haven’t done much across the website this month as I have been having access troubles every single day, where I will lose access to the site after only 5-10 minutes. I am confident that the site is not in any way compromised and it still works fine for everyone else, and I have our server operators looking at it to see what the issue is and how it can be fixed as it seems to be something on my end.

MD01 and MD02 are now open, for all hours. MD03 will open at the end of the month

As I noted, we are changing the parameters of the mission, rather than doing a diplomatic mission, we are now heading back to our old stomping ground of the corridor and going on the search for Commodore Jackson, who we had before in our storylines, and finding him before he causes more damage or worse to the Free Romulan Movement, but also to find his family who were taken by the movement some three years ago. It does have a small personal touch as Commodore Jackson is the brother-in-law of Captain Richardson.

I feel that this mission has a lot more than everyone can do and get involved in, and it will be much better to have as many people, and departments involved, and it will also make it easier for new crew to get stuck in and jump right into the storyline when they join us.

The mission briefing will be up very shortly on the database, but details about the mission can be found on the website here

First award announcement is the announcement again that our very own Chief Flight Control Officer Lieutenant JG Lieutenant JG Atrorius S'harien was awarded the September 2019 Task Force 99 Player of the Month! Well done on that fine award.

The second award is Post of the Month for October, that was a hard choice but I did submit a post that I wrote last month for the nomination and while it was not chosen, I think that it was a post that as one player put it “very heavy posts there” and I felt that at the moment, while we are in a new timeline and with our new mission, that there were a few little loose ends that weren’t wrapped up from our previous mission, which was partly deliberate to allow a post like this to be written. Have a read of it at

I am also awarding everyone a Captain’s Personal Merit award for their ongoing and amazing efforts over the last four months. I know things have been crazy and we have had a load of changes happening, but through that, this crew has made it an effort to keep posting and keep showing the fleet that we follow the requirements of the fleet, and that we are not fazed by it, that we might not have a large crew but we still post and still write, the reason we are all here.

No real important fleet updates this month.

I’m going to again plug the Discord server at so that you can be involved in the discussions. It would be great to see more activity and discussions going on. I may start up some discussion topics to get things moving.

In summary, we had a really positive month in September, finally finishing off that last mission and being able to move with some ease to our new simming year, I look forward to the future of the simulation, we have some great things planned and a really positive attitude and outlook is what we should all have. I want you to know that we are a team, and you can always approach me or Stacks about your thoughts or if you want us to consider something for the simulation. I might be the Commanding Officer, but that is just in character. Away from the story, it is our simulation.

Keep up the great work!!!


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