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Posting In November

Posted on Fri Nov 1, 2019 @ 8:35pm by Captain Anthony Richardson

OK, I want to firstly apologise for the delay in this as I have myself been having website issues and being unable to login to the site for periods of time. That seems to have fixed itself at the moment. I will send out a full monthly update tomorrow at some point while I have a break at work.

In regards to posting, we didn't do too bad in October and I really want to make a push in November to reach the same figures that we reached again. That means at least 6 posts from everyone. It may be a tall order but I think we can all achieve this. If we work together, and really make an effort to be active and posting then we can do so.

There are some who have not logged in or posted in a period of time (myself included) and I would like to ensure that we clear the activity log within the next few days. I will write up a post or two myself tomorrow and I hope to see more from everyone else. As our rules do state, once you've done a mission post in the month, personal logs will count towards your activity, so you have plenty of options to post and write.

I hope my website issues are now fixed and we can get back to a lot of posting in November. Later in the month, I will send out what we plan to do with posting over Christmas/New Year, but for the moment, posting is as it always has been.


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