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August Sim of the Month

Posted on Wed Sep 25, 2019 @ 8:31am by Captain Anthony Richardson

Since the fleet doesn't want to actually push forward and get the announcement done and sent out in a reasonable time, I will do it because this crew deserves to know about the Sim of the Month award, especially when it just so happens that this crew, for its efforts in August, actually were named as the Task Force 99 Sim of the Month!

Seriously, we all played a big part in this award, from the efforts everyone put in over August to reach what we did, the ongoing positive discussions that we had about the future of the simulation and most notably with the time jump that we have now completed, and the ongoing and positive interactions that we all have each day around the simulation, both In Character and Out of Character, that is why I feel we are more than deserving of this award.

I actually wrote in my monthly report that I had wished I could have nominated the sim for the award because everyone has been working their backsides off the last few months and have really made a massive (and collective) effort to push not only the simulation but our storyline ahead, and have made it a priority to help pick things up, not just what is seen on our website but also away from that with discussions about improvements and changes that will benefit everyone on the simulation. They have done so much and I think they need to be acknowledged, even if it is just in a report for their efforts..

So well done to everyone who was part of the crew in August for the award. It is very sad that the fleet still has not announced this, nor will they actually push to have monthly awards sent out in a reasonable timeframe, but I am going to push forward with telling you because even if we only get to promote the award for a week or so, all of you still deserve this fine nomination. I'm proud to be the leader of this sim, a sim that strives for the highest standard every single month!


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Category: Sim Announcement