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New Mission!

Posted on Fri Sep 20, 2019 @ 8:41am by Captain Anthony Richardson

It has taken us a few more months that I would have liked, but we are now on our brand new mission! This one will also see us take the first of a few timeline jumps, so right now, we are moving directly to the year 2391. Crew will need to take that into account when writing their posts, or updating their character's biographies.

As I did allude to earlier while we discussed this new mission, I have drawn up a scenarios database file where some thoughts about what the ship has been up to in the two years between missions can be found. Please feel free to reference any of the scenarios below and of course, reference your own character's personal adventures in that time as well. We have a bit of time at the beginning of the mission for this and I am sure it will be happening throughout the mission as well.

With the start of a new mission, we are again starting from MD01, so please remember that while you are posting. Mission notes have been updated. I hope to finish this mission somewhere close to Christmas, so we can then have a shoreleave mission over the holidays, to make that easier for people to post.


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