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July Monthly Update

Posted on Sun Aug 4, 2019 @ 2:16pm by Captain Anthony Richardson

I want to get back to these monthly updates for the simulation, something that I hope will help you all with what is going on around the simulation, and help you in your posting and activity on the simulation. Feel free to discuss what is in here on our Discord channel at

We have welcomed Lieutenant JG Atrorius S'harien and Lieutenant JG Canaan Serine join the sim in July, as members of our senior staff in Flight Control and Science, respectively. This brings us to a grand total of 6 crew.

I also want to remind everyone that you are welcome to have up to three protected NPCs (PNPCs) linked to your account, this does not include family members if you wish to have a profile for them so you can write with and about your family onboard the ship/simulation.

Posting & Activity
Another great month, we reached 15 posts this month. We do need to work on some more interaction and joint posts across the simulation but to reach this total is an increase from June’s figures, which is great. This represented 2.5 posts/player onboard over the month. As always, our goal is 2 post per player each month, so we should have no trouble reaching 12 posts for the month. I will be monitoring this each month, and from next month; I will send this out to you all about a week before the end of the month. It won't show in this report, as they are set to public and I don't think it is fair to make that public at the moment.

Mission Recap (so far)
posts are to be set between 1200hrs on MD02 until the end of MD04

We are currently with a skeleton crew on the ship itself, which is docked at Starbase 11 and transporting the colonists and personnel back to the base, with our new crew who have opted to join the ship at the base to begin their arrivals and boarding the ship. The ship will leave the base at MD03 0050 hours and arrive back at the planet at MD03 0630 hours.

Meanwhile, on the surface, there are several things going on, with the medical teams working on treating the sick and injured, and Commander Murphy heading out to go and find the missing base commander and his security team (there is an update coming this week on them). Other than that, we should also have other security teams heading out to other towns and cities to see what is needed (the major incident is in the capital, that was where the most damage was done).

Player of the Month
I am going to award this award next month. I know we don’t have awards added to the site at the moment, but over the coming weeks, this will be changed. I am just waiting on the final approval to the fleet awards that are being discussed and once they go live, then we can begin adding those awards as well as awards that I want for just our simulation, and one of them will be this award.

Fleet News & Updates
The big news is that technically, the USS Excalibur is a flagship again, as I took on the role as Task Force 93 Commanding Officer (with a different character), who has been in our storyline a few times now. Other than that, new policies has been implemented across the fleet, one of them is the operational policy, which has a section that we need to be monitoring, and that is activity requirements.

I can report that our activity requirements are in line with the fleet, so there is no change. All players are still required to post at least two posts a month to be considered active, and that will apply at the Task Force level as well (while not each player checked, the sim needs to be posting at a level of 2 posts/player each month)

Final Thoughts...
Don’t forget our Discord channel at and when you are on there, let me know your username so I can set the right permissions for you. In summary, we had a great month, an amazing month!!!! It was such a bigger positive to see where the simulation has come in such a short space of time, and I think with the same level of effort from everyone, we will see even bigger things over the rest of this year


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