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Fleet Changes

Posted on Fri Jun 14, 2019 @ 1:27pm by Captain Anthony Richardson

Firstly, I encourage you to read through this announcement ( to understand a bit more about what I am going to say...

Over the last few weeks, there has been a small group of members in the fleet who have been working on the reformation of the fleet structure, including the administration of the fleet. This was due to a long avenue of disagreements with the old administration and its running of the fleet. That has now concluded and as of today, Bravo Fleet is led by an Administrative Council, led by a Chairman, who is the voice of the fleet. We also now have moved away from a Fleet Constitution to a Bravo Fleet Charter. I'll ensure there is a link to the charter on the site this weekend.

This new administrative council, after the reforming of the fleet, has determined that my role on the council of Community Relations Officer is now to be split into three areas; that of the Chief of Staff, Academy Officer, and Communications Officer. I have since been asked to take on the role of Task Force 93 Administrator, which I have accepted.

This does mean that OOC, the USS Excalibur is a Task Force Flagship. IC, it means very little. We may see, from time to time, an appearance by one of my old characters who I have opted to use in the role, but the overall picture for the simulation will stay the same, I won't be changing characters or ranks; you will still have me and Captain Richardson in command (isn't that fun).

It won't change the day to day running of the simulation, we will still be pushing forward with our storylines, but I wanted you to all know what is going on in the fleet.


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