USS Excalibur

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By-Law Changes

Posted on Wed May 8, 2019 @ 10:50am by Captain Anthony Richardson

I wanted to bring your attention to a measure that was recently passed, it is in regards to sim canon and can be read on the infobase right here.

Basically, what it boils down to is that we have our own authority to either be involved in or not be involved in any of the Task Force storylines that are on offer to us in the Task Force, we can use any canon from another Task Force, if we choose, and should there be any issue between our stories and a canon storyline, the matter goes to the Task Force Commanding Officer to be resolved.

Now, it really doesn't affect us that much as right now, we are doing our own missions, away from any canon storyline, so I don't see any issue but I want you to always and keep on being made aware of what changes are being made in the fleet. You are members of the community that is Bravo Fleet, and you always know that we are a team together, we make this simulation what it is, and the last 6 or so weeks, you have all made this simulation so much more active, so much more enjoyable and I thank you for that.


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