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Sim Changes

Posted on Wed Apr 24, 2019 @ 4:01pm by Captain Anthony Richardson

I'm letting you know that today I stood down as Task Force Executive Officer and also as lead of the Free Romulan Movement canon storyline. I did so to focus on my major role within the fleet as Community Relations Officer and also so that we can take on storylines and missions that we want to, without the need to go through canon storyline approvals. The decision gives us a bit more freedom in our storylines as we've had some time over the last few months where the storyline has changed due to the canon group, which I haven't minded but it has limited some things and I want us all to get back to just writing missions.

I will be moving the storyline around, and we will have a new focus coming up very shortly, so please be ready for that one as it will be happening over the coming days!


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Category: Sim Announcement