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Nova 2.6.1

Posted on Mon Apr 8, 2019 @ 10:33am by Captain Anthony Richardson

Just a heads up that the site has been fully updated to the newest version of Nova, and I have added a bunch of the new extensions (mods) to the site including the formatting for our mission posts. You will notice that now the Mission Days and Time are separate, all you need to do is change the mission day yourself, and use the drop-down menu for the timeline (it is currently set to 5-minute intervals). There is nothing needed for the previous posts, they have all been edited to fit in with the new system and it looks quite nice.

The other thing has been integration with the Bravo Fleet Management System (BFMS), and I have loaded everyone's BFMS character profile so you don't need to worry about service records and history. Just head to and login to your account to make updates to your personal history and service record and the changes will automatically be reflected here on the website. If you don't have a BFMS character or want your one added, just go in and remove the URL (it is in Info) and then you will have to manually make those changes.

I have made a few additions and changes to the application form, nothing major that affects the look of your biographies, it is more for our visitors when they want to apply so that we can ensure we have crew here that want to be here and write and not just take up a spot on the manifest. Other than not having our ship and status mod working from the old version of Nova, everything else is working just great! Thanks for your patience in getting the website updated


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