General Conduct
1. Everyone is to be respected! Harassment and discrimination will never be tolerated.
2. We are rated +13, please respect this. This means anything over a PG-13 movie is not accepted. Of course, romance is fine within reason.
3. Enjoy yourself at all times!

Applying to join
1. All applications should be completed in full, this also includes the sample post.
2. The command team may alter biographies in accordance with the rules of spelling/grammar as well as general adherence to character creation guidelines.
3. All applications will be handled within 72 hours. If you do not receive a response within that timeframe, please contact the command team via our Discord channel.

Activity & Writing
1. Posts should be written in standard English. Other languages are fine for small sections of posts and should be a minimum of 500 words (-10% is acceptable).
2. Posts are organized by Mission Days (MD), with mission notes used to indicate to what time within the mission players are able to write up to.
3. All players must maintain active status on the simulation at all times. Communication is key. If you are unable to post for a period of time, speak with the command team and we can work out a leave of absence for you.
4. All players should endeavour to post a finished mission post to the website at least a minimum of once every 14 days (2 weeks).
5. Any player who hasn’t logged into the website and/or posted in a period of one month, or fails to answer any communication from the command team will be removed from the simulation.

Respond to TAGs
1. Players should endeavour to follow posting rules, and respond to tags in a reasonable manner. Failure to do so could result in being removed from the simulation
    a. Command Team (CO, XO, 2XO) at least four times a week
    b. Senior Officers/Department Heads at least three a week
    c. All other players at least twice a week

1. Each player is the owner of their own character (and any associated linked NPCs)
2. Players are NEVER to write for another person’s character unless permission has been granted and sighted by a member of the command team
3. Players are invited to have up to three linked NPCs (Non-Playing Characters) linked to their main account. Players should speak to the command team prior to ensure space is available.
4. Any player who wishes to include a linked NPC into a joint post after the post has begun must speak to the starting author to request permission.