General Simulation Conduct

  1. #1. Everyone is to be respected! Harassment and discrimination will never be tolerated. The Commanding Officer is the ultimate authority on the simulation, and any player found to be harassing or discriminating against another player for any reason will be immediately removed and banned from the simulation and their details forwarded to the Bravo Fleet Command Council.
  2. #2. We are rated as a +13 simulation, please respect this. This means anything over a PG-13 movie is not accepted. Of course, romance is fine within reason. If unsure, please err on the side of caution. The Command Team holds the rights to remove any post or section(s) of a post that they deem to be beyond this limit. Authors involved will be notified.
  3. #3. Follow the rules. Yes, we know this is a hobby, but the rules are there to keep you safe while you are part of the team.
  4. #4. We strive for a high standard of posting and activity, please respect this. If you are unwilling to accept the decisions made or to stick to our posting and activity standards, please do not apply.
  5. #5. Enjoy yourself at all times!

Applying To Join The USS Excalibur

  1. #1. All applications should be completed in full, this also includes the sample post. There will be no waiving of the sample post requirement, even for returning crewmembers. Posts from other simulations are fine, as long as they follow our posting style and format. Failure to submit a completed and correct application will result in the application being rejected.
  2. #2. Applicants are advised not to include CLASSIFIED INFORMATION or anything of the like to their application as this will result in the application being rejected.
  3. #3. The USS Excalibur adheres to all parts of the Bravo Fleet Constitution and its By-Laws, including regarding playable species, which can be found on the Bravo Fleet website. Any concerns can be raised prior to submitting the application.
  4. #4. No applicant may copy or steal any part of another player's character/biography and use it as their own. If this is found, the player will be removed from the simulation with immediate effect.
  5. #5. Applicants should create an original character, this means no use of canon characters, canon character names and applications may not make any reference to any canon ships or canon characters. Canon events are welcome and encouraged. Photos of characters should also not be from the shows or movies (including Star Trek: Discovery). Actors/Actresses who guest starred on such canon can be used as long as they are not an in uniform as portrayed on the TV show/movie.
  6. #6. All applications will be handled by the Commanding Officer within 7 days. If you do not receive a response within that timeframe, please contact the command team via our Discord channel. The link is
  7. #6. All starting ranks will be determined by the Commanding Officer based on the overall quality of the application and the position being applied for. This is a non-negotiable matter on the simulation.
  8. #7. Any applicant that is approved to join the simulation MUST submit a solo introductory mission post to the storyline/website within seven (7) days following their acceptance or they will be removed from the simulation. This is a non-negotiable matter on the simulation.

Activity & Writing Standards

Please note that all posts submitted to the website are publically available and are the property of the simulation once submitted and viewable

  1. #1. All posts (both mission posts and personal logs) should be written in standard English (either American English or British English is fine). Other languages or languages found in the Star Trek universe are fine for small sections of posts (please try to provide a translation if possible).
  2. #2. All posts submitted to the simulation must be a minimum of 500 words (-10% is acceptable from time to time). Any posts under this threshold will be returned to a saved status with a note to the author(s).
  3. #3. Posts are organized by Mission Days (MD). The format for the timeline is clearly marked out in the mission posts and ensures that posts are submitted in the correct timeline order.
  4. #4. All players must maintain an active status on the simulation at all times. Communication is key.
  5. #5. If a player is unable to post for a period of time, they should submit a leave of absence prior, this can be done via the leave of absence form on the website. For reference: -
        a. any absence less than 7 days should be notified to the Commanding Officer for reference but does not require a formal leave of absence. Players should endeavour to notify any other players whom they are writing with of their short absence.
        b. any absence between 10 days and 3 weeks requires a leave of absence (LOA).
        c. any absence between 3 weeks and 8 weeks requires an extended leave of absence (eLOA).
       d. any absence more than 8 weeks should be discussed with the Commanding Officer to ensure that any changes to the storyline can be made and/or arrangements made to either have another player write for your character.
       e. any military absence (due to deployment, training, etc...) for any length of time will be classified as an extended leave of absence (eLOA). The USS Excalibur thanks all military men and women for their service.
  6. #6. Prior to any leave of absence, players should endeavour to finish and submit any outstanding posts to ensure that they are not idle for too long. If this is not possible, they should make arrangements to notify all other players involved, and possible arrangements for another player to write on their behalf.
  7. #7. All players are required to submit a finished mission post to the website at least a minimum of once every 14 days (2 weeks). Personal Logs are welcome and encouraged for character development but can not be used solely for the basis of staying active.
  8. #8. Any player who hasn’t logged into the website and/or posted in a period of three weeks, or fails to answer any communication from the command team in the same time frame will be removed from the simulation.

Responding to TAGs

  1. #1. A TAG is a moment in a joint mission post where other players involved in the mission post request your input.
    1. #2. Players should endeavour to follow posting and activity standards, and respond to tags in a reasonable manner. Failure to do so could result in being removed from the simulation: -
          a. Command Team (CO, XO, 2XO) at least four times a week.
          b. Senior Officers/Department Heads at least three a week.
          c. All other players at least twice a week.

    Character Guidelines

    1. #1. Each player is the owner of their own character (and any associated linked NPCs). No other player may write, harm, or kill another person's character without their express permission.
      1. #2. All players must have at least one active character at all times to remain an active member of the simulation. This character should be the character that they applied to join with and must be the main character that they write a majority of their posts on the website with. Should a member wish to change characters, they can do so by speaking with the Commanding Officer. Change of position is allowed, however, any change in character will not come with any promotion in rank.
        1. #3. Players are invited whilst a member of the simulation to have up to three linked NPCs (Non-Playing Characters) linked to their main account. Players should speak to the command team prior to ensure space is available. Department Head & Assistant Department Head positions will not be accepted for these linked NPCs. These characters are owned by the player in question and are not the property of the simulation. Should the player in question depart or be removed from the simulation, any linked NPCs will be removed as well. These linked NPCs will not appear on the USS Excalibur's BFMS entry.
          1. #4. Any player who wishes to include a linked NPC into a joint post after the post has begun must speak to the starting author to request permission.