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The current sim year is 2391.

In a world where one species has been rocked to their very core, another has lost everything they ever held dear to them, and both are bent on showing that they can recover in vastly different ways. All it takes is one shot to the bow and hell might break loose. Add into that one race that may choose to take advantage of all the chaos and it looks like a recipe for disaster.

Task Force 99 provides writers with an inventive spirit and the opportunity to explore, re-live, and create their own niche in the Star Trek universe. By focusing on extraordinary in both Trek and other genres, the games of 99 are unique and exciting. The universe’s infinite possibilities provide viewers with an opportunity to dream. Task Force 99 brings together stories from all genres to explore new possibilities and gather the hidden treasure.

The USS Excalibur, an Ascension-class starship is currently assigned to Bravo Fleet serves as a carrier with weapons systems dwarfing even the strongest foes while being able to carry the same amount of fighters as the Concorde-class. Currently, the ship is assigned to Task Force 99. The Ascension-class starship is one of the most advanced and most powerful vessels ever built by Starfleet. Rated for combat, exploration, scientific, diplomatic, and logistics missions, the 1,600 member crew is dedicated to serving at the forefront of Starfleet and the Federation.

As part of Task Force 99, we are under no Task Force canon storyline, our missions are our storyline, our canon. Task Force 99 provides writers with an inventive spirit and the opportunity to explore, re-live, and create their own niche in the Star Trek universe. By focusing on extraordinary in both Trek and other genres, the games of 99 are unique and exciting.

We still do follow main canon requirements from a range of sources, up to an including the most recent movies, but we do not have a set linear timeline of a canon plot to follow. We focus on our writing and doing so as a team. That is our focus. We may not post 100+ posts a month, but we write our posts with care and quality in mind.

We welcome all visitors to our website, our little piece of the galaxy. Please enjoy our website, have a look around and if you are interested in becoming part of the USS Excalibur crew, please join us by applying through our application form and feel free to join our Discord server if you have any questions and to meet our crew once your application is accepted.

We also have some frequently asked questions that will help you in your journey with us here on the USS Excalibur. I look forward to seeing you soon as a crewmember on our simulation!

Current Command Team

Commanding Officer, Game Master & Webmaster
Executive Officer & Assistant Game Master
Captain Anthony Richardson
Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein

Latest News Items

» 6 Months of Service!

Posted on Sat Oct 12, 2019 @ 8:56am by Captain Anthony Richardson in Ship Awards

Please join with me in congratulating Susie on reaching her 6 months of service to the simulation. I know this was a few days ago (Susie joined on the 8th of April), but I still wanted to get this out and celebrate her amazing achievement, dedication and commitment to the simulation!

Thank You for your service to the simulation Susie, we love having your character on board and look forward to many more months of dedication and service to the simulation!

» September Monthly Update

Posted on Tue Oct 1, 2019 @ 10:37am by Captain Anthony Richardson in Monthly Update

Congratulations to the crew of the USS Excalibur, for being named as the August 2019 Task Force 99 Simulation of the Month!!! Very sad that the fleet didn’t announce the award for almost an entire month, but you deserved to know when you did, so well done! I’ve added the award to everyone’s profiles and it will take pride of place on our website and BFMS entry as well.

We had an alright month, welcoming a few new crew. I really am passionate about the standard that we set here on the simulation, and that’s something I want to talk about in this report. The standard that we set for the fleet, and for each other. We are a team, and that team achieves the results when we work together, but only when we are all on the same page.

One thing I am quite passionate about is activity. We all have seen simulations that are not posting as much as they should be, or even could be. We have simulations that are posting like crazy but can’t seem to build up the crew to make that even easier, and it does put a strain on those who are on the simulation to pick up the slack. We have a great group of writers here, we wouldn’t be here if we all didn’t have that passion. What I want us to focus on over the coming months is building up that activity, showing that the fleet guidelines regarding activity are not a trouble for us, and we can smash past it as quickly as possible. We have had a good couple of months, with almost 70 posts in three months (average of 22.3 posts a month)). I would love to raise that to 30 posts a month, if not more. It does require a concerted effort from all of us, and I do have the hope that we can achieve that together, as the team that we are.

Feel free to discuss what is in here on our Discord channel at

We have welcomed both our new Executive Officer (Stacks), which again brings us to the magical number of 5 crew. I was doing some researching over the last few days, and we have averaged around 4.4 crew this year, and I’d love to see that increase as well, with some new players, so we will be pushing through the recruitment, when we can, and within the rules; but you can also spruik the simulation when and if you can, as well. It all helps.

We do have our Chief Security/Tactical Officer (Teresa) on leave until further notice, at least until the end of October due to personal and family commitments. I have been kept aware of her situation. In the meantime, if you need to have some sort of security presence in your post, please add myself to the post and we can go from there, or add myself and I will write for Teresa, who has given me permission to do so while she is on leave.

We completed 27 posts this month, which is a decrease of only 7 posts from last month, so I would say a good month. I would attribute this slight decrease to the delay in getting the last mission completed as well as our new crew arriving and being unable to find a suitable location to add posts due to the delay in getting the previous mission completed and the new one begun, as well as the time jump of two years in our storyline. We averaged 5.4 posts per player across the simulation, our stats have shown that all crew, excluding crew who have been on approved leave from our simulation, have posted more than the required 2 posts-per-player requirements. We are currently the 2nd best posting sim in the Task Force this month (based on the posts/player ratio) and the 4th most active sim with regards to total posts.

Posting target for October is again, 30 posts!

The major work this month has been on the database, with a lot going into the database over this month, with articles and files from the Bravo Fleet Infobase and Memory Alpha also linked throughout the database. Minor adjustments to the website to make it easier to navigate and access particular areas of the website.

I have also updated the rules and policies of the website and made sure that they are visible across the whole website, and to ensure that the simulation is compliant with relevant privacy and data legislation (that being the EU, USA and Australia). I do want to remind everyone that your data is safe and if you feel that a part of the site is not compliant, to speak to me and I’ll rectify it straight away.

MD01 is open, for all hours. MD02 will open on October 10th

We have jumped forward to the year 2391, I would encourage you all to read the database item on the time jump scenarios to understand what things have gone on in the two-year sim gap, so that it will also provide you with details about what you can refer to in your opening posts for MD01 across this new mission.

The first mission day will be a bit of rest and relaxation of Xavier Fleet Yards, the ship will get a bit of a fine tune and minor repairs while we get our new mission orders. Other than that, it is very much a free rein to have some character development across the starbase. We are also working through the Thomas Dion storyline which will play a part in the opening sections of this mission.

The mission briefing will be up very shortly on the database, but details about the mission can be found on the website here

With our ship-based awards now getting included on the website, this will be used a little bit more. If you do have an idea for a ship-based award, then let me know and we can work something out. If there is a fleet award that you feel is worth nominating for, then have a look at the fleet awards on the website, submit the nomination either via the website or via the BFMS (you’ll need an account to do that if you don’t have one already) and go from there.

I’ve already announced the Post of the Month from August, once the September fleet awards are announced, I’ll send out something for the September award for the ship. I want to remind everyone that if you feel there is a post from the month that you want to see awarded this, let me know what it is and your reasons and I’ll keep a note of it for the reports.

I am also awarding the first-ever Captain’s Personal Merit award to Lieutenant JG Atrorius S'harien for his ongoing commitment to the simulation, since his arrival; Michael has been making a really positive effort to be as active as possible and I have seen how engaged he has also wanted and has become in the simulation, in an OOC aspect. Well done!

The next award is for Player of the Month. I am very pleased to award the award this month to Lieutenant Commander Lapzik Ghein for his ongoing commitment to the simulation. We haven’t seen much, in character, of our new Executive Officer but away from the storyline, a lot has been going on and a lot of the improvements and changes you have been seeing on the simulation are based on our discussions each and every day, so it is finally great to see a player and a leader who is coming in with great ideas and we are hopefully going to start seeing the fruits of that labour pay off with a boost in crew.

Finally, I am awarding a Mission Ribbon to everyone who made at least one post in the previous mission. These awards will be automatic following the completion of a mission, and to be awarded one, you do need to have posted at least once in the mission, so there will be a list going up on the database shortly for this award. Players who aren’t on the sim will be included in this list as it is only fair.

Really, there has not been much going on that I have been told about. I have made it clear about the lack of communication, so hopefully, that changes in the coming weeks. From what I have read myself, the fleet recently appointed a new Chief of Staff who is responsible for the fleet awards, as well as the community roster, so I would again encourage everyone to make sure that you have added your character to the BFMS so that our manifests are correct and up-to-date.

Other than that, there is a push to restart the Bravo Fleet Academy, and I am led to believe that it will be optional; so nobody currently on the sim will need to go through any sort of training course, it will be at my discretion if needed. As we have a lot of our own in-house training when it comes to posting, it may not become part of our simulation. I guess we will see.

I’m going to again plug the Discord server at so that you can be involved in the discussions. It would be great to see more activity and discussions going on. I may start up some discussion topics to get things moving.

In summary, we had a really positive month in September, finally finishing off that last mission and being able to move with some ease to our new simming year, I look forward to the future of the simulation, we have some great things planned and a really positive attitude and outlook is what we should all have. I want you to know that we are a team, and you can always approach me or Stacks about your thoughts or if you want us to consider something for the simulation. I might be the Commanding Officer, but that is just in character. Away from the story, it is our simulation.

» Post of the Month

Posted on Sun Sep 29, 2019 @ 8:28am by Captain Anthony Richardson in Ship Awards

Something the fleet has done in the revamp has been to create a "Post of the Month" award to celebrate the writing of the community. I support this idea, and what I am doing is creating a ship-based award of the same nature. What it will be is that the post that I submit in my monthly report that goes through to the Task Force Commanding Officer will be automatically the award winner for the ship should that post not be given the fleet award.

Since the fleet awards were so late, I was unaware of whether this post was actually in the awards listing, but as it is not; I am happy to announce that “Reporting For Duty" by Lieutenant JG Atrorius S'harien is our August Post of the Month. This is what I wrote for the nomination:-

I really enjoyed this post from our new Chief Flight Control Officer, Lieutenant JG Atrorius S'harien. It was an additional post to his arrival onto the simulation and really made a name for himself. It was a post set on the base prior to the arrival of the ship itself and it set the tone for the character, someone who was looked upon with contempt, treated in a different way for just being Romulan. I loved reading this post and was impressed with the manner in which Michael wrote the post itself. I know when he posted it, he sent through a message to say that it was a different "Richardson", and not the Commanding Officer, which made me appreciate the post a whole lot more. It had a conflict right from the get-go and dragged me into reading the whole thing a whole lot more than I would with other posts. I felt the post also sent a powerful message on a philosophical and real-world level about how we treat others.

» August Sim of the Month

Posted on Wed Sep 25, 2019 @ 8:31am by Captain Anthony Richardson in Sim Announcement

Since the fleet doesn't want to actually push forward and get the announcement done and sent out in a reasonable time, I will do it because this crew deserves to know about the Sim of the Month award, especially when it just so happens that this crew, for its efforts in August, actually were named as the Task Force 99 Sim of the Month!

Seriously, we all played a big part in this award, from the efforts everyone put in over August to reach what we did, the ongoing positive discussions that we had about the future of the simulation and most notably with the time jump that we have now completed, and the ongoing and positive interactions that we all have each day around the simulation, both In Character and Out of Character, that is why I feel we are more than deserving of this award.

I actually wrote in my monthly report that I had wished I could have nominated the sim for the award because everyone has been working their backsides off the last few months and have really made a massive (and collective) effort to push not only the simulation but our storyline ahead, and have made it a priority to help pick things up, not just what is seen on our website but also away from that with discussions about improvements and changes that will benefit everyone on the simulation. They have done so much and I think they need to be acknowledged, even if it is just in a report for their efforts..

So well done to everyone who was part of the crew in August for the award. It is very sad that the fleet still has not announced this, nor will they actually push to have monthly awards sent out in a reasonable timeframe, but I am going to push forward with telling you because even if we only get to promote the award for a week or so, all of you still deserve this fine nomination. I'm proud to be the leader of this sim, a sim that strives for the highest standard every single month!

» New Mission!

Posted on Fri Sep 20, 2019 @ 8:41am by Captain Anthony Richardson in Sim Announcement

It has taken us a few more months that I would have liked, but we are now on our brand new mission! This one will also see us take the first of a few timeline jumps, so right now, we are moving directly to the year 2391. Crew will need to take that into account when writing their posts, or updating their character's biographies.

As I did allude to earlier while we discussed this new mission, I have drawn up a scenarios database file where some thoughts about what the ship has been up to in the two years between missions can be found. Please feel free to reference any of the scenarios below and of course, reference your own character's personal adventures in that time as well. We have a bit of time at the beginning of the mission for this and I am sure it will be happening throughout the mission as well.

With the start of a new mission, we are again starting from MD01, so please remember that while you are posting. Mission notes have been updated. I hope to finish this mission somewhere close to Christmas, so we can then have a shoreleave mission over the holidays, to make that easier for people to post.

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